CCI Charter

Vision Statement

Yale ITS Climate, Culture, and Inclusion Task Force is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity. CCI places a high value in Yale ITS’s employee career advancement, and representation of diversity at all levels, while creating a positive culture of inclusion.

Article I – Official Name

The official name is “ITS Climate, Culture, and Inclusion Task Force”. For purposes of this charter, the term “CCI” will be used.

Article II - The CCI Mission, Goals & Objectives

Our mission is to assist the organization in achieving its diversity and inclusion plan, sanctioning deliberate action to influence a positive culture of inclusion, belonging, and acceptance within Yale Information Technology Services.

Our objectives are as follow:

  • Assist ITS in creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Assist in driving organizational initiatives that encourage the development of ITS employees
  • Build an internal support system for CCI within the organization
  • Attract and retain the best ITS talent

To accomplish this, the CCI:

  • Promotes and supports key diversity and inclusion initiatives that recognize, respect and leverage the individuality of all ITS employees as a competitive advantage.
  • Serves as a resource to the organization by supporting recruitment, development, leadership goals and retention initiatives for ITS.      
  • Develops communication methods to share information and promote CCI activities, events and major initiatives.

Article III – Participation

The CCI Task Force was created to serve as a resource for Yale ITS. The CCI Task Force is co-sponsored by the University’s Chief Information Officer and a member of the ITS Senior Leadership Team. The Task Force is supported by the ITS Human Resources Generalist and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

  • Participation is open to anyone in Yale ITS
  • Participation is voluntary
  • Participants will advocate for diversity & inclusion in ITS
  • Participants maintain confidentiality where appropriate


Chair of CCI Task Force

Communications Co-Chairs

Co-Chairs for each Action Team - Each Co-Chair will solicit participants and convene periodic meetings to advance work toward meeting the CCI objective(s). The number of Action Teams will depend on the initiatives prioritized. Initiatives and goals will be revisited on a semi-annual basis.

  • A term is defined as two consecutive years. 50% of the team will end their term and new leadership will join. 
  • Leaders shall serve a term of two (2) years from the date of appointment. A two-year term shall be considered to have been served when occurring between July 1, 2019– June 30, 2021. No person in a leadership position shall serve more than one (1) consecutive two-year term. Fulfilling an incomplete term is considered part of the term limit. CCI leaders shall serve staggered terms to balance continuity with new perspectives, being as inclusive as possible representing many diversities.
  • Self - Nomination – The Committee shall provide a communication channel for those interested in leadership positions when openings develop.

All ITS staff are welcome to participate in Action Teams. Leaders and participants will document a goal and progress/achievement toward that goal in the Annual Performance Objectives, and the participant’s manager will consider these accomplishments and contributions in the employee’s overall annual rating.

Time Commitment

CCI members, including Action Team participants, are encouraged to contribute a maximum of between one and two hours per week toward CCI-related goals and objectives.  

CCI members should seek approval from their supervisor prior to participating. 


Opinions, experiences and ideas shared by CCI leadership and participants during meetings or related activities and any records thereof, shall be held in confidence and such records shall remain the sole and exclusive property of CCI.

Article IV – Meetings


CCI meetings will be held monthly. Any Action Team meetings will be held as determined by Action Team Chairs.


CCI leadership need to attend a majority of CCI meetings.

Action Team leadership and participants are expected to attend Action Team meetings until such time as Action Team sponsored event/activity is completed. Action Team leadership will work with participants to define specific expectations for participation.


Agendas will be provided in advance and meeting notes will be taken and kept by committee designees.  Agendas and notes will be made public to ITS staff.


All CCI meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the following “Inclusive Behaviors”:

  • Share freely of member’s experiences
  • Encourage others to share freely
  • Allow one conversation at a time
  • Respect unique/different points of view
  • Agree to disagree
  • Confine comments to the issue at hand
  • Be sensitive to everyone’s time
  • Be considerate of the feelings of others
  • Maintain the confidentiality of internal issues
  • Be creative and encourage creativity in others
  • Be an active communicator and listener
  • Think about the greater good of the organization as a whole

Article V – Funding

CCI will seek funding for activities and events from the University’s CIO.

Article VI- Reference Appendix A for Annual Goals

Annual Goals will be a plan of work aligned with fiscal year, published no later than October 1 of the fiscal year.

Article VII – Adoption and Amendments

This charter shall take effect immediately upon being put in final format and approved by the CCI, the CCI’s Executive Advisory Group and the Yale ITS Senior Leadership Team.

Any member of the CCI Leadership, the CCI’s Executive Advisory Group and/or the Yale IT Senior Leadership Team may propose amendments. Adoption of amendments shall be subject to the same approval process as the founding charter. Approved amendments will be incorporated into the charter and shall take effect immediately, or as described in the amendment.

This charter is created as a framework around which the CCI will carry out its mission. It is not intended to be a contract and may change, as business needs change.

Article VIII – CCI Image

CCI members must model leadership in all aspects of the diversity and inclusion process and must represent a positive image for “Yale ITS Climate Culture and Inclusion Task Force” in all its dealings.

Article IX – Monitoring and Measurement

CCI progress plans and accomplishments are reviewed on a regular basis. Track data and trends related to exit interviews, orientation, and retention and all related activities. Access and analyze Yale IT data, such as the Workplace survey to inform priorities and progress of CCI.

CCI Steering Committee Goals for FY21

  • Develop task force members’ understanding of topics around culture, climate, and inclusion with a focus on the individual’s perspective
  • Design a strategy around ensuring fairness of opportunity and continuing to extend D&I course curriculum for ITS.
  • Develop supporting materials for the IT community to support each of the competencies.
  • Create a learning and development strategy for IT teams with a key focus on climate and inclusion.
  • Measure the progress related to Climate, Culture, and Inclusion Task Force.
  • Create a marketing and communications strategy to implement the overall program