CCI Steering Committee

One of our strategic priorities is to become a workplace of choice.  In support of this priority, ITS formed a Climate, Culture, and Inclusion (CCI) task force in May 2018 to bring people together to help collectively improve the work environment for our team and to more closely reflect the diversity of the community we serve. This group is sponsored by John Barden and Ryan Schlagheck, who work closely with Yale’s Chief Diversity Officer, Deborah Stanley-McAuley and other subject matter experts across the university.  

The CCI task force members were chosen with an eye to representation across the organization from different teams, different job categories, as well as diversity characteristics of race, ethnicity, and gender.               

The task force includes the following members:

You can reach the members of the steering committee at

Learn more about Unconscious Bias and Diversity and Inclusion on Linkedin Learning.

CCI Action Teams

  • Ensuring Fairness of Opportunity: Ensuring Fairness of Opportunity is charged with providing the training IT staff need to recognize and address bias in themselves and in the workplace and, in doing so, create an equitable environment that fosters growth for all. For more information and to be invited to meetings, contact
  • Building Community:  The Building Community Action Team provides ways for employees to connect with one another and share their authentic selves at work by building an inclusive hybrid space within both our digital and physical communities. Events will include fun weekly coffee break sessions designed to be an open discussion for all. No coffee required to join, we promise. For more information, please reach out to and