CCI Steering Committee

One of our strategic priorities is to become a workplace of choice. In support of this priority, ITS formed a Climate, Culture, and Inclusion (CCI) working group in May 2018 to bring people together to help collectively improve our team’s work environment and reflect the diversity of the community we serve more closely. This group is sponsored by John Barden and Jeremy Rosenberg, who work closely with Yale’s Chief Diversity Officer, Deborah Stanley-McAuley, and other subject matter experts across the university.

The CCI working group members were chosen with an eye to representation across the organization from different teams, job categories, and diversity characteristics of race, ethnicity, and gender.

You can reach the members of the steering committee at

CCI Activities

Ensuring Fairness of Opportunity: CCI participates in the interview process for new ITS hires for senior-level positions and consults with the ITS senior leadership team on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.

Building Community: CCI provides ways for employees to connect and share their authentic selves at work by creating an inclusive hybrid space within both our digital and physical communities. CCI events include monthly breakfasts and wellness activities.

CCI Membership

CCI meets every month. New members are always welcome. For further information please contact one of our executive sponsors or via the mail box.

CCI on Yale Connect

IT staff are encouraged to join the CCI group on Yale Connect to participate in upcoming events and initiatives, contribute ideas for future events, and engage in meaningful discussions with colleagues.