Current Initiatives

IT at Yale has identified the following initiatives for FY22, organized by governance committee pillars, including: academic, administrative, cultural heritage, foundational, and research. A summary of the goals for each initiative is provided below.



Improvements focused on productivity and efficiency enhancements.

Student Information Systems (SIS)

  • Provide continuity for the multi-year efforts stabilizing and improving Yale’s student information system, making it more sustainable and further leveraging our investment.
  • Rollout Early Registration for the Graduate and Professional schools.
  • Data Access Standardization for Banner student data.
  • Provide a baseline solution for managing term-based student and academic information, e.g., term roll and matric update processes.
  • Migrate the academic record report to a modern technology.
  • Satisfy increased demand for paperless forms.
  • Upgrade Banner AR and Financial Aid Self Service.

Online Learning Analysis

Perform the analysis required to evaluate the following points:

  • Which tools and support model are needed in order to support higher levels of online classes for students due to enrollment bulge.
  • The long term functional and technical support for programs that will be offered partially or completely on-line.
  • The appropriate use of Banner as the source of truth for on-line and non- degree seeking (certificate) programs at Yale.

Graduate Student Funding

Deliver a solution that provides the functionality required for Graduate Student Funding transaction execution and reporting. The new solution will more effectively utilize the Student ERP system (Banner), the HR and Finance ERP system (Workday), and a newly developed data mart. The Yale custom solution built in 1995, the Graduate Student Payment System (GSPS), will be decommissioned.


Elimination of non-value added tasks to increase service quality and system reliability.


  • Provide departments with an ecommerce platform that provides a consistent method of collecting credit card payments in a way that meets e-PAY compliance criteria.

  • Relieve the administrative burden to the departments for e-PAY compliance reporting and attestation by standardizing credit card processing across the University, reducing merchant IDs and engaging a single source 3rd party service provider.

  • Ensure accurate reporting in Workday where transactions can be easily identified and recorded while reducing the number of Merchant IDs across the University.

  • EPIC departments collaborate with Yale New Haven Health Systems to secure patient payments.

FAMIS Replacement with AssetWorks

  • Moving to new technology with modern support levels will reduce operational risk to the University. We will gain technology and expand transparency of information flow between space and cost tracking modules, campus renovation planning, smart automation for the call center and expanded project management capabilities. Streamlined workflows, improved efficiency, reduce errors, gain technology enhancements, and supports a mobile infrastructure to allow for an agile and responsive work force.
  • We have successfully completed implementing Phase 1 Space Management this week in production.

Cultural Heritage

Elimination of non-value added tasks to increase service quality and system reliability.

Improving Access to Yale’s Collections

The project will make it possible to search nearly 16 million records and high-resolution digital images across Yale’s vast collections, potentially changing the ways certain scholarship is practiced today, and uncovering future possibilities not yet understood. It will provide dynamic and accessible user experiences to amplify the usefulness of Yale’s treasured collections through use and re-use in academic work. It will simultaneously provide a gateway to collections on Yale campuses to encourage the transformational activity of experiencing an object or specimen in person; while ensuring that Yale’s digital collections are easily used online, along-side the other great collections of the world.


Deep investment intended to mitigate risks and stabilize Yale’s network.

Next Generation Network Program

  • Modernization of network security by increasing visibility throughout the network to more quickly identify, contain, and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Improved network operations, monitoring, and management through standardization of network hardware/equipment/software; implementation of single-pane-of-glass network/security management and monitoring for Engineering, Security and Help Desk.

Active Directory (AD) Improvement

This program will strengthen the integrity and trustworthiness of Yale’s identity infrastructure by aligning our Active Directory (AD) with Industry best security standards and practices. The University’s cyber threat footprint will be significantly reduced.


  • The goal/vision of the project is to enable the Yale community to better communicate to and connect with their audiences on a web platform that will support the guiding principles outlined in the Yale Web Strategy developed by OPAC.
  • At a high level these principles include: unified visual identify, inclusive and accessible experience, user focused, standardized processes, features and and services on a sustainable platform.

Commodity Computing Assessment

This assessment will help us define a way to develop a better picture of the environment which will help determine how we can provide a more secure and more stable and manageable computing environment. Supports navigating security challenges such as coordinated ransomware attacks, and pandemic.

Public Safety Data Center Assessment

  • Move out of multiple legacy data centers with aging infrastructure to ITS datacenter offering high availability, capacity, and support.
  • Leveraging IT processes and standards in a common managed environment and security and freeing up PS technical resources from infrastructure support.
  • Savings on current 3rd party support contracts for hardware/software.
  • Operational savings of supporting and maintaining multiple data centers.

Amano Parking Update

Upgrade parking equipment to stabilize parking infrastructure for many years to come and meet University’s PCI requirements, which is to use a Universityapproved credit card gateway.


Stabilization of platforms supporting the advanced computing needs of the research community.

EHS Integrator

Ability to leverage modern technology to provide services to partners and researchers at the university. Provide a modern, user-friendly, interface with full support for mobile devices. Improve product performance, quality, and operational efficiency for all users. Further reduce administrative burden for faculty and researchers.

YARC - Research Scheduler

This new system will improve efficiency by allowing for advanced functionality in the future while mitigating the risk of failure.

Expansion of RE Datamart

  • Consistent, credible and reliable reporting.
  • Ability to join data across systems.
  • Ability to maintain business and system support operations without impact to research administration.
  • Ability to support critical data and reporting needs across the University in support of research administration.
  • Minimize rework, complexity and cost of maintaining multiple reporting platforms and tools.
  • Ability to execute and advance reporting and data strategies and long-range plans.

Research Computing

  • Refresh of the Farnam HPC Cluster.
  • Expansion of Sensitive Data HPC Cluster (Milgram).
  • Acquisition of additional accelerators.
  • Acquisition of Research Continuity/Disaster Recovery Hardware.

Research Data Center

Electrical enhancements to increase capacity in targeted areas of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Center.

Research Storage

  • Expand the capacity of the Gibbs storage system.
  • Infrastructure to back up HPC user data.

Targeted Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Assessment of the value of the suite of services that GCP offers to determine how they support the needs of faculty and research across the university.