Learning & Development

There are a variety of learning resources available to you at Yale, ranging from career, professional, and leadership training to the following job-specific resources and training.

IT Academy: Curriculum

The IT Shared Services Staff Development Team has vetted and created a set of recommended course training for IT staff that can be taken in order to improve their skills and effectiveness even while staff is working remotely. All IT staff is encouraged to work with their manager to create a personalized development plan.

The Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development office has also created an online learning resource page Yale HR “Learn and Grow” Online Learning with some additional learning resources.


EDUCAUSE’s mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. Learn more about EDUCAUSE and its offering of research, community, and data.

NERCOMP (North East Regional Computing) is the regional Educause affiliate. Learn more about NERCOMP and their rich set of workshops—online and in person, as well as an annual conference.

Email Subscription Lists at Yale

Yale provides a wealth of email subscription lists, including quite a few that focus on different aspects of information technology. View the email subscription list and/or subscribe.


Gartner’s Campus Access is available to all Yale students, faculty, and staff. All IT professionals, including IT Partners, are encouraged to take advantage of the recent improvements made to the Gartner’s Core IT Research Library, which provides free access to published research focusing on strategic analysis of information technology trends, vendors, products, and technologies.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts. The full range of this content is now available to all current faculty, staff, and students of the University.