About ITS

Vision, Mission, Values, and Principles


Shaping the future of Yale and higher education through rock-solid services, innovation, technology leadership and strong community collaboration.


Our mission is to deliver the highest level of service possible to students, faculty, and staff, and to demonstrate technology leadership that furthers the University’s mission.


We aspire to five core values that underlie all information-technology activities at Yale: respect, service, leadership, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.


We aim to deliver technology services with an underpinning set of principles: community satisfaction, technology leadership, staff development, fiscal management, and rock-solid services. Using these areas of focus, we guide technology decision-making and service delivery for the Yale community of faculty, staff, and students.

  • Community Satisfaction - We deliver our services with consideration of the users, the Yale community, not solely from only a technological point of view. When we select technology and offer services, usability and accessibility is a priority. We inform and involve the community in our decision-making processes.
  • Technology Leadership - As technology leaders, we leverage new and emerging technology trends; implement architecture that embraces standards, interoperability, and extensibility; and base decisions on well-defined, relevant metrics. We promote innovation and creativity to find solutions that delight the community and support the University’s goals. We communicate transparently, and invite all those who represent broad perspectives to share knowledge and information through communities of practice.
  • Staff Development - We invest in training and development of the technology staff and the wider community to enhance technical and non-technical skills and growth, and create frameworks to enable and foster communication and collaboration throughout the organization.
  • Fiscal Management - Our investment decisions reflect careful evaluation of the University’s strategic goals; expected benefits and outcomes, costs, and risks; and technical and data architectural impact and fit. Whenever possible, we leverage standard technologies and processes, and work to eliminate duplicative processes and technologies. We strive for transparency, predictability, and simplicity in our costs as represented in charges and assessments.
  • Rock-Solid Services - We provide services that meet or exceed community expectations. We deliver effective and efficient computing and communications infrastructure, services, and support for Yale's teaching and learning, research, public service, and administrative programs.
  • Communications ExcellenceCommunications Excellence encompasses both the way we communicate with the university community and also with each other. It serves as a call to improve the methods and frequency with which we keep the Yale community informed about our services, technical changes, and project statuses.