Organizational Priorities

IT has identified three organizational priorities that act as strategic anchors. Each priority is mapped to specific goals on a balanced scorecard that we plan to accomplish over the next few fiscal years.  Our leaders meet regularly to ensure that we are successful.

One IT at Yale One IT at Yale

Align to seamlessly enable institutional goals.


  • Understand Service Costing effort across IT. Begin to explore implications and opportunities for distributed units.
  • Develop a framework for a customer-focused representation of IT Services at Yale.  
  • Define governance requirements for each service and refine structure to support more inclusive decision authority. As part of this work, address integrated support collaboration across IT units.
  • Assess opportunities in the use of data to improve the pace and support decision making and improve outcomes.
  • Conduct an integrated IT Plan Review for FY24 proposed projects and operations, and assure that priorities are shared and understood.

Service Quality Service Quality

Consistently deliver against evolving institutional needs.

  • Revisit SLAs to improve the clarity of expectations considering the practicalities of the operation.  Establish mechanisms for continuous assessment.
  • Establish practices and management training to support more innovation, empowerment, and a more risk-tolerant culture while assuring we retain the resilience gains of the last 5 years.
  • Draft vision and document scope of work required to identify and communicate to impacted service users for targeted messaging and improve quality of messaging content/readability.

Workplace of Choice Workplace of Choice

An engaging environment that empowers, equips, and includes everyone.


  • Extend the IT Job Family Redesign to distributed IT professionals (Pilot).
  • Develop a university-wide IT team mentoring program (Pilot), emphasizing cross-divisional relationships.
  • Improve communications methods to help staff feel connected to Yale, the broader university mission, and our community (Medicine, Environment, events, etc.).