Centers: Student Technology Collaborative

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Student Technology Collaborative
Student Tech Program
Personal Computer Services: Student Tech Program
The Student Tech Program within STC provide in-person technology help in the Technology Troubleshooting Office and Sage Hall for up to 15 minutes. This in-person help is open to anyone with a valid netID. For more complicated problems, eligible users may elect to have their device taken to the Hardware Office, where more extensive repairs can take place. Student Techs are also responsible for communicating with users about the status of their help requests. The Student Tech Program provides a wide range of technical consultation and support for technology owned by students at Yale College and Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. See who STC supports . . .
Cluster Techs
Computer Cluster Support
Student Technology Collaborative provides staffing for the major public campus computer clusters within its Cluster Tech Program. In these locations, Cluster Techs provide basic support for the cluster machines and are available for general consultation. Additionally, STC provides regular maintenance for the computer clusters located in the Residential Colleges, Bass Library, Connecticut Hall, and Dunham Lab, among others. For more information about the campus computer clusters and where to find them . . .
Media Tech Program
Media Tech Program and Media Equipment Checkout
The Media Tech branch of the Student Technology Collaborative maintains and services media equipment throughout campus. They assist in operating the checkout programs at Bass Library, the CCAM, and the School of Art. Furthermore, the Media Techs staff audiovisual, walk-in centers at the School of Forestry, Law School, and 212 York. In addition, they run a graphic design service for the university at large. For inquiries about Bass, email For inquiries to CCAM, email For inquiries regarding graphic design, email: For more information about Bass Library Equipment Checkout . . .