WIT Hackathon - December 2014

WIT@Yale hosts Hackathon

When we talk about recruitment, we aren’t just talking about hiring female staff into technology roles at Yale.  It’s also about creating interest in IT and developing a pipeline of talent that one-day may join the technology ranks at Yale or beyond.

On Saturday, December 6, 2014, fifteen (15) young women in high schools across Connecticut came to our campus to learn coding as we further the mission of encouraging and supporting women in technology.  Six developers (6) from the YEI Boot Camp, several members of Yale ITS, and two (2) women from outside of ITS, came together and assisted the women as mentors and judges.

Microsoft co-sponsored the event with us, and provided the technology platform for the group to work and develop.  The group was challenges to think about a problem and brainstorm how an application can help resolve it.

The Winning Application

The winners of the challenge were the students who developed the “Speak You Heart” app.  This app was created to provide students, peers, parents and educators with a way to quickly help those being bullied.  The application compiles resources that students can access with a touch of their screen.  The judges felt this application was well thought out and was designed with a broad reach.  

Currently the app is only available via Windows 8.1, however once the development platform that was used to build the app is upgraded, the app will be available cross-platform.

Congratulations to organizer Randi McCray for a job well done for the Yale and New Haven Community on this!  Enjoy the library of images taken at the event!