Software & Technology

Microsoft License Agreements

There are several programs under which members of the Yale community can license and use Microsoft products. The following brief descriptions and links should assist you in choosing the program that best suits your needs.


OnTheHub offers free and discounted software, including Microsoft Office.

 Microsoft Campus Agreement
Audience: Faculty, staff, and students
Overview: Contractual agreement between the University and Microsoft licensing faculty, staff, and students to use Office Suites, Client Access Licenses, and some server products. Faculty and staff are also licensed for Windows upgrades to University owned equipment under this program.

Students can obtain Microsoft Office through OnTheHub. The short url is

For details see the "Help" section of OnTheHub. This includes specific details such as how many computers it can be installed on, and their return/refund policy.


Some software (and hardware) not offered through the other options can sometimes be found in GovConnection.

Microsoft Select Agreement
Faculty and staff (institutional purchases)
Agreement between Yale and Microsoft for the purchase of licenses at discounted prices. Microsoft products not covered under our Campus Agreement are available under this agreement and can be purchased via the GovConnection puchout from SciQuest.

Students can obtain the Microsoft Select Agreement through GovConnection. The short url is