Software & Technology

Recommended Computing Devices

This page serves as ITS's recommendation for computer hardware that meets University academic and business needs. It is updated regularly to provide accurate and relevant information about computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Note: All hardware recommended on this site is capable of being HIPAA compliant when appropriately configured. Yale offers managed configurations to assist with covered component compliance. Please see our Managed Workstation and Mobile Device Management (MDM) offerings for additional details.

How to Buy

Yale Business Purchases

Yale business purchases should be made accessing SciQuest through Workday.

Student and Personal Purchases

For student and personal purchases, please view the following pages:

What to Buy

Faculty and Staff Recommendations

All devices listed below are Yale ITS's hardware recommendations for Yale academic and business computing needs. On GovConnection, they are branded as "Standard" computers. These devices are fully supported and are 100 percent enterprise ready. All "Standard" computers are HIPAA compatible.


  • Yale Standard Desktop
    Small form-factor desktop designed to meet the majority of Yale business and academic needs.
  • Yale Standard All-in-One
    A desktop computer integrated into the monitor's case and designed to meet the majority of Yale business and academic needs.
  • Yale Standard Workstation
    Powerful workstation capable of handling the most demanding applications.
  • Yale Standard Ultrabook
    A standard laptop recommendation that is also extremely light and thin. It is designed to meet the majority of Yale business and academic needs.
  • Yale Standard Lightweight Laptop
    A smaller, lighter laptop than the Yale Standard Ultrabook, that is capable of meeting the majority of Yale business and academic needs.


Apple computers purchased directly from Apple are capable of supporting Yale academic and business computing needs for four years after the date of purchase.

All Apple computers are HIPAA compliant.

Other Supported Devices

The devices listed on GovConnection's website as "Supported" will be fully supported, but may not be equally price-negotiated or enterprise-ready as quickly as "Standard" machines. All "Supported" computers are HIPAA compliant.

  • Microsoft SurfaceBook and Surface Pro
  • Android Tablets

Student Recommendations

ITS recommends that students purchase the same computers as faculty and staff or models that are equivalent or superior in specifications.

Hardware Selection Process

When considering devices to recommend in the selection process, ITS reviews CPU speed, memory consumption of Yale Standard Software, and overall storage needs based on real-world usage statistics.

Hardware recommendations are selected and reviewed by ITS Campus Technology Services, ITS Infrastructure Services, and ITS IT Partners; as well vendor management and procurement specialists.