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Buying Software

Before purchasing software, visit the ITS Software Library to see if there are any special license arrangements for the program you are looking for. Some common software packages are available free of charge to the Yale community. Some of the more commonly requested packages that are licensed and available via the software library are AntiVirus, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat Pro (faculty and staff only).

Where to Buy Software

Academically priced packages are available for purchase from This site offers contractually discounted prices for personal purchase by Yale faculty, staff, and students and carries Office, Windows, popular statistics software, and more. For more information about software discounts for students, visit the Student Technology Collaborative page.

Faculty and staff can purchase computer supplies and software from SciQuest. SciQuest provides direct access to secured, custom websites for vendors (Dell, Apple, and IBM for equipment; and GovConnection) who have entered into partnership with Yale.

Contact Us

If you have questions about acquiring or purchasing software, contact

For information about major or enterprise software purchases, see Licensing and Consulting Services.