Yale Webmaster FAQs

I'm interested in applying to Yale

I want to search Yale's website

I need to request a transcript

I'm interested in information for alumni

I need travel information or I'm looking to visit Yale

I have a Pantheon and/or UNIX related issue

See the Pantheon service page

I'm trying to find a service offered by Yale ITS (such as NetID help or software)

Please visit the Service Catalog for a list of Yale ITS services.

I have a network connection problem

Contact the ITS Help Desk or your local support provider.

I'd like to request a change to the online directory

It varies who changes your online directory entry.  Please see the Yale Directory Services.

I have a USENET news issues or I want to create a newsgroup:

Send an email to

I want to create a mailing list

Visit the Mailing lists and Targeting Messaging section of the ITS Website.

I'm looking for something else

Try our alphabetical listing of Yale websites: