Connecting to the Web Server (Elsinore)

Files may be transfered to and from Yale institutional servers using only secure FTP application. These software applications can be downloaded from the ITS software library.

The following matrix provides information on how to use the recommended File Transfer protocols:

Configuration instructions



SSH Secure Shell (Windows)


A graphical file transfer program.

Fugu (MAC OS)


A graphical file transfer program.

Dreamweaver (MAC/Windows)

Secure FTP

Graphical built-in FTP program using the secure option.

Recent versions of Dreamweaver and Contribute support SSH/SFTP and can be used with



A command-line file transfer program.

Most Yale-supplied systems (systems in clusters or those supplied to faculty and staff by ITS) have a secure file transfer program installed. Faculty and staff should contact their support provider if they do not have such a program and require assistance.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 203-432-9000 or