Creating and Configuring the Google Custom Search Engine

Creating and Configuring the Google Custom Search Engine

For this tutorial, we will use the Control Panel in the Google account to create the Custom Search Engine. For more complete instructions please see Create a Search Engine on the Google CSE site: 

  1. Sign in Custom Search Engine page with your Google account and click on the Create custom search engine button in the upper right corner.
  2. List all the URLs for all of the websites you want the search engine to include in the Sites to search: section. You can also use URL patterns.
  3. Select the Language and give the search engine a name in the Name of the search engine field.
  4. If you want to restrict pages to only those that contain certain types, you can enter the types by expanding Advanced Options.
  5. Click on the Create button. Your basic engine is created and almost ready to use.  First, the Google Custom Search engine must be prepared for use with Drupal and the Information Technology Services administrator account should be added as a user to the new search engine for technical assistance.

  6. Expand the Edit search engine option, select your Google Custom Search engine from the dropdown box and click Look and feel.

  7. The search results layout must also be set to Results only.  Select the Look and feel link and then the layout tab.  Finally, select the Results only layout and click the Save button.

  8. Now, select Search features and navigate to the Advanced tab.  In the Query Parameter Name field, ensure the query parameter is set to query and click Save.

  9. Finally, the Information Technology Services administrator account is added as a User. Click on Setup and select the Admin tab then click the Add button.

  10. Enter in the Add user dialog box and click the OK button.

  11. The basic Google Custom Search engine has been created and basic configuration has been completed.  The Google Custom Search engine can now be added to sites or tested using the Public URL link (seen below in the Setup menu and Basics tab).  Continue enabling and configuring the Custom Search module in Drupal 7 below.  Additional options for customization can be found here.