Custom Search Engine (GCS) Configuration

Google Custom Search (GCS) engine is an embedded search engine that can be used to search any set of one or more sites. This Google CSE module allows you to incorporate GCS in your YaleSites page relatively easily once you have a Google account and the Google CSE module. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a Google account in order to use this feature. If you don’t have one you can create one with EliApps. It is strongly recommended you use a shared departmental Google account to create and manage your university-affiliated search engines.






Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my search engine ID?

Find your search engine ID next to the Details section under Basic tab.

Why do I only see 10 pages of search results by using Custom Search?

GCS will only provide 100 search results per query. These results are presented ten per page, for a total of ten pages. If user doesn’t find the desired content, try to refine your search queries or consider Google Site Search which is a paid version of Custom Search. 

Explain more on what sites to be included in the search engine?

You can enter up to 5,000 sites across all your custom engines under one account. A site can be a complete URL for a single page (such as or a URL pattern (such as * which will index everything under the domain including all sub-domains).

Read more on Adding Sites to your Custom Search and URL patterns in the Google CSE documentation.