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Support and Computing

AV Support for Classrooms

Request support for classroom technology, including classroom computer, podium, projector, wireless, etc. Anything to get you technically working in the classroom.

AV Support for Events

Request AV support for University events, including audio recordings, equipment rental and technical support services. 

Community Access Computers

These are managed workstations that are provided to serve the needs of a specific community.

Custom Projects and Emerging Needs

Request assistance with emerging technology needs or with formulating solutions with using services provided by ITS or other providers.

Desktop Support

Contact Yale ITS for computer and device support, including troubleshooting, repair, installation, maintenance, hardware ordering or assistance with access to Yale applications and accounts -- all at your location.

IT Help Desk

The ITS Help Desk team provides prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous technical and functional support for computers, mobile devices, applications, IT services, accounts and access.

ITS Backup Service

The ITS backup service provides clients with the ability to automatically or manually backup critical files and directories to the backup system.

Secure Computing

This service provides offerings that keep a desktop at Yale secure.

Software Delivery & Configuration

This service includes ITS managed software and hardware directed at meeting client's needs, and mobile device management, configuration, and policy enforcement.

Software Library

The ITS Software Library provides the Yale community with a simple way to download software that is already licensed for use.

Virtual Apps and Desktops

This service offers applications to users without having the application installed locally on a machine.

Walk In Support Centers

Walk-in Computer Support Centers provide timely world-class customer service to all members of the Yale community for any of their computing support needs.

Support and Computing

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Support and Computing