Virtual and Physical Server Rates

Virtual Server
(Not Spinup)
  vCPU RAM (GB) Storage  (GB) Monthly
  1 2 100 $90
  1 to 2 4 100 $180
  1 to 4 8 100 $300
  1 to 8 16 100 $375
  1 to 16 32 100 $450
Note:  Virtual Server (VM) configurations with 8 or more vCPUs or 16gb or more RAM need to be approved by the Virtual Server Service owner.  
Note:  VM containers may be expanded in 50gb increments up to 200gb or network attached storage may be added (see below).


ITS does not charge additional fees for cloud provider resources created via Spinup. See the Spinup FAQ
page for example rates and for information on free trial (TryIT) options.
Physical Servers and Devices
Server or device       $300
Rack       Contact ITS
Note:  Virtual Servers are recommended.  Physical servers need to be approved by the Virtual Server Service owner.
Network Attached Storage for Virtual or Physical Servers
NAS Gold       $360/TB
NAS Silver       $235/TB
Research Storage NAS       $15/TB
Note:  Storage rate is measured on used primary capacity.
Systems/DBA Support
24/7       $150
Business Hours       $75
Shared SQLserver Service
Shared SQLserver service       $0
Note:  Up to 100gb primary used storage is included for each database.  See Storage rates for storage over 100gb.