Virtual and Physical Server Rates

Sprout (unmanaged micro-tier virtual server)
  vCPU RAM (GB) Storage  (GB) Monthly
  1 512 MB 50 $41
Note:   CPU, RAM and Storage for Sprouts cannot be expanded.
Note:   Linux Sprout includes 50gb; Windows Sprout includes 100gb.
Virtual Server
  vCPU RAM (GB) Storage  (GB) Monthly
  1 2 100 $90
  1 to 2 4 100 $180
  1 to 4 8 100 $300
  1 to 8 16 100 $375
  1 to 16 32 100 $450
Note:  Virtual Server (VM) configurations with 8 or more vCPUs or 16gb or more RAM need to be approved by the Virtual Server Service owner.  
Note:  VM containers may be expanded in 50gb increments up to 200gb or network attached storage may be added (see below).
Physical Servers and Devices
Server or device       $300
Rack       Contact ITS
Note:  Virtual Servers are recommended.  Physical servers need to be approved by the Virtual Server Service owner.
Network Attached Storage for Virtual or Physical Servers
NAS Gold       $360/TB
NAS Silver       $235/TB
Research Storage NAS       $15/TB
Note:  Storage rate is measured on used primary capacity.
Systems/DBA Support
24/7       $150
Business Hours       $75
Shared SQLserver Service
Shared SQLserver service       $0
Note:  Up to 100gb primary used storage is included for each database.  See Storage rates for storage over 100gb.