Desk Telephone Services and Cable TV Rates

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) 



One time set-up charges:

$1,000.00 per group (CDN)
$525.00 Call Recording install
$150.00 Agent Install


Monthly recurring charges:


$5.00 per Call recording
$20.00 per Agent set
$200.00 Application (Script)
$3.00 Agent scoring
$5.00 Voicemail tree
$120.00 Application Group - self service




Monthly recurring charges:


$135.00 per Agent Set

Basic service

- The Telecommunication Infrastructure Bundle includes the set, line, voice mail and long distance.

- Off-campus YaleLINK service (all users includes line rental, standard set and voice mail): Included in the Telecommunication Infrastructure Bundle

- Off-Campus SNET service (all users): Included in the Telecommunication Infrastructure Bundle

- Incoming 800 Service: Included in the Telecommunication Infrastructure Bundle


Visit the Telecommunication Infrastructure Bundle in the Data Rates section.


Installation and order processing one time charge:


- Labor: $90.00/per hour (one hour minimum)

- Materials: at cost

- Voice mail installation (when not installed with line) - $20.00

- Software change: $20.00

Telephone Software Charge: Telephone phone number, line appearances, feature or voice mail changes - $20.00

Technician Labor: Telephone installations, moves or phone type changes - $90.00/hr, prorated after first hour; $135.00/hr for customer approved overtime, week days after 5:00 pm and anytime on weekends.

Integrated Digital Voice Recorder (IDVR)

One time charge: $525.00 per telephone set


Monthly rate: $5.00 per telephone set


Pager type or service



Digital - Northeast


From all of New England to Washington DC

Digital - USA



Alphanumeric - Northeast


From all of New England to Washington DC

Alphanumeric - USA



Toll Free 800 number with pager


National inbound toll-free

Pager voicemail $5.00  
Cable TV
Yale University subscribes to cable televisions services provided by Comcast for its educational and entertainment value. The basic Yale CATV service consists of approximately 40 channels, six of them reserved for Yale academic programming, Basic Yake CATV service is not inculded as part of the Yale College room charge. Academic and administrative departments that have a need for CATV service should contact ITS Network Services via email or telephone 203-432-9000.