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Internet, Phones, and Television

Internet, Phones, and Television

Call Center Solutions

A bundle of service offerings for groups of operators or agents, including intelligent call routing, CRM integration, remote contact center agents, and call metrics and statistics.

Desk Phone Services

Desk phone services provide a standard analog or VOIP handset to all locations that may require them. Typically, this includes a voicemail solution.

Mobile Devices

Yale ITS Network Services can furnish cell phone service at a negotiated rate.

Network Infrastructure Services

Access to a variety of computing and information services, including Internet, research networks, and the Yale Data Centers. The services includes change control, security monitoring, and forensic investigation.

Yale Television Services

A basic set of broadcast, cable, and Yale-originated channels is provided to all undergraduate and graduate students living on-campus and is included as part of the room charge.

Internet, Phones, and Television

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Internet, Phones, and Television

Internet, Phones, and Television