YaleConnect Storage Quota - What you Need to Know

The storage quota for the YaleConnect service is 8-gigabytes (8,000 megabytes).

This quota represents the maximum amount of storage space allowed for your mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange Server. Included in the quota allowance is the space required to store all email, email attachments, calendar data, contact information, and task management data on the server. Only SERVER storage is included in the quota. Local email storage is NOT included in the quota. Local storage is limited only by your computer's disk space and the limitation imposed by Microsoft Outlook.

How many messages can you store?

The actual number of messages depends on the size of the messages, plus the size of attachments that may have been delivered with the messages.

As a general rule, most email messages don't take up much space. For example, a 20-megabyte inbox may contain 551 messages. If each of the messages came in with a 2-megabyte attachment, (highly unlikely) the size of the inbox would swell to a size that exceeds 1-gigabyte. However, to put things in perspective, a three-page Word document that contains text and a picture or two, is usually under 1/3-megabyte, so even if all of the messages came with a three-page Word document (again, highly unlikely), you would still be well within the quota.

Managing the size of your mailbox to remain within the quota

There are several things you can do to reduce the amount of storage you are using on the server.

Exchange keeps a copy of everything you send in the Sent Items folder. You can reduce the size of your mailbox by moving messages from the Sent Items folder on the server to a local Sent Items folder on your personal computer.

Alternatively, you can delete items in your Sent Mail folder if you no longer need them.

You will also probably find an accumulation of messages in the Deleted Items and Junk E-Mail folders that can also be permanently deleted to reduce your storage requirement on the Exchange server.

Attachment/message sizes

Individual message size is limited institutionally to a maximum of 20MB.

Please note: Attachments, text in the body of the message, and header information, all contribute to the total size of a message.

Folder sizes and the number of messages

The quota is not based on the number of messages, but rather, it's based on the disk space that the sum of all of your messages occupy on the server. However, please note: Microsoft recommends limiting the number of messages in an individual folder not to exceed 5,000 messages for maximum reliability. Microsoft has identified high item counts in the following critical path folders that most impact email client performance as the Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, and Sent Items. ITS has tested various clients and recommends limiting the number of messages in the Inbox not to exceed a maximum of 2,000 messages and all other critical path folders (Calendar, Contacts, and Sent Items) not to exceed a maximum of 5,000 messages. Individual folders that exceed the 5,000 message limit may experience performance issues when this number is reached or exceeded. Individual folders that exceed the recommended item count may experience performance issues when the number is reached or exceeded.