YaleConnect FAQ



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General FAQ

What email software do I need to use with my YaleConnect email account?
What is Outlook?
How do I obtain Microsoft Outlook, or upgrade to the currently-supported version?
Can I get to my YaleConnect email from any computer?
Is the email stored on YaleConnect automatically backed up?
My full name on messages sent using the YaleConnect service is not the name I normally use. How can I modify Outlook to use my preferred name?
How do I send email to someone who is in my address book?
My inbox view has changed, how can I get it back?
I am using YaleConnect for email and noticed that sometimes attachments appear at the top of the email message in the address area, and sometimes they're inserted in the body of the message. Why doesn't YaleConnect treat attachments consistently?
How often does the Out of Office Assistant reply to a message from the same sender while you are out?
If I have delegation privileges, can I also modify the delegator's out of office reply?
Where does university tagged spam go?
How can I easily mark messages as junk?
How do I add an address to my address book quickly?
How do I create a template?
How do I remove addresses from my Outlook auto complete list?
How do I set up an automated away message that goes to Yale addresses only?
Is it possible to automatically forward the email I receive in my YaleConnect account to an account on a non-Yale owned and operated service like Gmail, HotMail, Yahoo, etc.?
How do I use my YaleConnect email account in a secure manner?
What is the difference between "Send as" and "Send on behalf"?
How do I reserve a meeting room?