EliList FAQ

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Requesting an EliList

Where do I request an EliList (EliApps Google Group)?

You can request an EliList by filling out the EliList Request Form.

Note: You must be signed into your EliApps account to access the request form.

Who is eligible to request an EliList?

Anyone with an EliApps account may request an EliList.

I requested a list a couple of days ago and I haven't received anything regarding my request or the lists yet.

Please check any mail filters to make sure the information regarding your request was delivered. If you don't find a confirmation of your list request being processed, please contact

I currently own a Panlist/Mailman list and would like to migrate membership to an EliList. Who should I contact?

Please fill out the EliList Request Form for the creation of your new list. Once the list is created, contact with the name of the Panlist/Mailman list you would like to migrate. If your list contains over 200 members, they will be invited to join your new EliList, not automatically subscribed.

Controlling Access

Can I control who can send mail to an EliList? What about controlling who can subscribe?

You have several options for controlling access to a list. You must choose one of the following options when requesting the list, but may change it at any time:

  • Public: anyone with an EliApps account can join, post messages, view the members list, and read the list archives
  • Team: only owners/managers can invite new members, but anyone with an EliApps account can post messages, view the members list, and read the archives
  • Announcement only: only owners/managers can post messages and view the members list, but anyone with an EliApps account can join and read the archives
  • Restricted: only owners/managers can invite new members. Only members can post messages, view the members list, and read the archives. Messages to the group do not appear in search results.
Can people who don't have Yale email addresses subscribe to my list? Can they be owners/managers?

Anyone, regardless of affiliation, can be subscribed to a list. Only individuals with an EliApps account may manage or own an EliList, or accept invitations to join a list.

Can anyone (members and non-members) send messages to an EliList?

As a list owner, you can change settings for messages sent/posted under Group settings -> Access. Access settings are initially set during EliList creation by the owner but they can be modified at any time to fit your group’s needs.

What happens when a message is held for approval?

EliList owners and managers will receive an automated email listing held messages, and are given the option of either approving or rejecting the message. The moderated message sender will also receive a notification of their held message.

Alternatively, posts by non-members and moderated list members can be rejected or discarded under Management Tasks -> Review Pending Messages. List owners and managers can decide to always allow, mark as spam, remove, ignore, or post an individual message.

My list is receiving lots of unsolicited messages. How do I prevent this from happening?

If your list is receiving lots of unwanted messages, you can turn on moderation for every message sent under Group Settings -> Access.

If you are receiving unsolicited messages from specific addresses, you can mark their moderated messages as spam under Management Tasks -> Review Pending Messages. Marking their message as spam will delete the message and ban them from the group. You can view the list of banned members under Management Tasks -> Manage Members.

Can I selectively allow individuals to send messages to my list even if they are not subscribed?

You’ll need to add these individuals as members first, and then, under Management Tasks -> Manage Members, change “Set delivery type” to “No Email”.


What is the difference between a list owner and a list manager?

List owners have the highest level of permissions for a given list, including editing membership, changing permissions for groups of members, and even deleting the list. List managers may only edit member and message management or add/remove other managers. A full description of these roles can be found.

How do I transfer ownership of an EliList?

You can transfer an EliList via the “Manage members” tab of the Management tasks section of the list settings. Setting the membership type of “owner” for another member and either making yourself a regular member or completely unsubscribing transfers list ownership. Only individuals with EliApps accounts can own EliLists.

Can I keep a history of all messages sent to my list?

Message are archived by default for all EliLists. If you’d rather not archive messages, you can change this setting under Group Settings -> Advanced.  Unfortunately, individuals without EliApps accounts cannot access the message history online.

Why doesn’t my EliList appear under the Groups Directory?

If you would like your list to appear on the EliApps Groups Directory, you will need to log into your EliList’s settings and change the Access settings. After logging in, click “Group Settings”, select the “Access” tab, and select “List this group in the Groups Directory” under “Directory listing”.

Subscriber Settings

How do I add members to my list?

In a group you are an admin of, you can go to the "manage" section to add users.

"Direct add members" will add the individuals immediately without asking for permission. You can add addresses directly without sending a welcome message, but you cannot add emails from other domains without a welcome message.

"Invite members" will send them a message (which you may customize) inviting them to subscribe.  Non-EliApps addresses cannot accept invitations; non-EliApps addresses must be directly added to an EliList.

How do I configure my list so anyone can post messages?

In a group you are an admin of, you can go to the "manage" section and go to "Permissions => Basic Permissions". You can change the "Post" settings here to allow everyone at Yale or everyone in the world to post messages.

Can I view the subscriber list on a single page?

You can view the subscriber list under the list settings -> Management Tasks -> Manage members. You can download a comma-separated values list by clicking “Export member list”.

How can I subscribe to an EliList?

To subscribe, you can search the Group Directory from the EliList home page to view options for a given EliList. Depending on owner configuration, you may be able to subscribe yourself directly or apply for group membership. If the owner has created a restricted group, you’ll need to be invited by the owner or manager.

How can I unsubscribe from an EliList?

The EliList home page should list all groups you’re subscribed to. To unsubscribe, you should click on the list name and select “Edit my membership” from the right pane and click “Unsubscribe”.

Are there any limitations to using EliLists to send messages to a large number of recipients?

Google limits the number of messages you can send at once to external recipients, i.e. members not on EliApps. If you send a message to a group, each external member is counted as one recipient. For more information, see Google's help page: limits on email recipents.

When managing a large list with many people on it, we ask that you be mindful of the Yale ITS Appropriate Use Policy, which prohibits the sending of unsolicited email to large groups of people.

Are there any limits to the number of people who can be subscribed to an EliList?

Google doesn't limit the number of subscribers, but we recommend that you add fewer than 30 people at a time.

When managing a large list with many people on it, we ask that you be mindful of the Yale ITS Appropriate Use Policy, which prohibits the sending of unsolicited email to large groups of people.

Is there a size limit for messages sent to an EliList?

Yes, the maximum size limit for a single message is 25MB, including attachments. EliList owners and managers can edit specific EliLists to set lower size limits.