Document Management FAQ


What is the FileNet System?

FileNet is an Enterprise Content Management software platform that is owned by IBM. Yale has licensed a cloud-based version called KCOnline.  The main component of FileNet that we will be utilizing is the Document Management capability.  Document Management is the ability to capture, store, manage versions, categorize, edit, and retrieve critical business documents in a controlled and secure environment within an organization.   This enterprise approach to document management at the University will greatly facilitate the accessibility of documents while at the same time maintaining tight security and control over sensitive materials.

What is the URL to access the system?

FileNet can be accessed from this URL:

Can electronic documents be uploaded to the FileNet system?

Yes. Any electronic document can be uploaded to the FileNet system. The documents are stored in the format that they were uploaded in and can be retrieved using the properties associated with them.

Will electronic documents be available in .PDF format?

Documents are stored within FileNet as the format they were originally uploaded. Scanned documents are stored as PDF files. Images files (i.e., .jpg, .tif, .gif, .pdf) are viewed within FileNet using the built-in image viewer. Other file formats (i.e., .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .htm) require that the user have an associated program loaded on their computer in order to view it. If you have questions abut this you can contact your Desktop Service Provider (DSP). 

Is version history available once people being to make changes to documents in the FileNet system?

Yes. Version History is available when users check in documents that have been modified.

Can documents with sensetive data be stored in FileNet?

Yes. FileNet has been certified for 3-lock data.

Are definitions available for the referenced acronyms?

Yes. Listed below are the acronyms and definitions that are most frequently used by this project.

  • MFD
    Multi Function Device
  • PDF
    Portable Document Format
  • POC
    Point of Contact
  • UAT
    User Acceptance Testing
Which departments are currently using FileNet?

FileNet was deployed to seven departments within Finance and Administration in December 2008. Those departments include:

  • Accounts Payable / Vendor Compliance Unit
  • Capital Budgets
  • Electonic Commerce
  • Financial Reporting
  • General Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing
  • Risk Management
  • Tax
Who can I contact to learn more about the Document Management project?

Should you have questions please contact the Document Management Team (ServiceNow assignement group: CCT Development and Operations), or the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000 or email or contact your IT support provider.


How can I access the FileNet system?

From the START menu on your workstation, choose YAMS. Then go to Finance, Procurement & HR Applications. FileNet is located under the Document Management category. You can also open a web browser and go here. You will be prompted to enter your NetID and Password.

What is the process for adding additional document types or indexing fields?

To add additional document types or an index property, you will need to complete a Change Request Form indicating the enhancements that your department needs. Please make sure the form contains the appropriate signatures then submit the completed form to the Help Desk.

After I classify a document in FileNet, what happens to my document?

Once you have successfully classified a document, the document will no longer be visible in your FileNet inbox. Use a search template to locate the document in the repository.

Can I edit the document class if I selected the wrong document class and finished classifying my document?

Not at this time. If you have classified a document using the incorrect document class you will have to re-scan the document, properly classify it, and have the incorrect document deleted. In a future release of FileNet, an enhancement will be provided to allow users the ability to correct document classes.

Can I change the indexing criteria of a a document if I entered the wrong value and completed the classification process?

Yes. As long as you have the appropriate permissions, you can edit the properties of a document.

Can documents be deleted from the FileNet system if they are no longer needed?

Yes. Users that have the necessary privileges can delete documents.

Can I add comments when I check out or check in a document like I can with SharePoint?

No. The basic FileNet functionality that is installed does not allow you to enter comments. This functionality requires additional customization to the system. However, you do have the ability to update a document's properties and view different versions of a document if you have the appropriate permissions.

Where can I go for support?

If you require assistance with the FileNet system or process, please refer to the Training section of this website. For technical support, please call the Help Desk at 432-9000. Your DSP may also be able to assist you.


What do I need to know to scan a new document?

Where do I go to get a departmental multi-function-device (MFD)?

The recommended source for procuring a MFD is the YPPS Copier Rental Program. Click here to access the YPPS website.

What are the fees associated with MFDs?

Depending on the device you choose, a fee will be associated with the device and the YPPS Department will provide pricing information from the YPPS Copier Rental Program.

Is there a licensing cost for the software?

The cost for the scanning module and the scan index module will be available soon.

What are the responsibilities for the document custodian?

A document custodian is a person within a department that has knowledge of the department's documents and the content they contain. The document custodian is:

  • Responsible for making sure that department's documents are appropriately classified
  • Notifying the appropriate parties (i.e. General Council's Office, Document Retention Group, your FileNet Administrator, etc.) of any material change to the document that may affect the proper classification or retention rules
  • Responsible to make sure documents are retained for the proper length of time and are deleted when appropriate
Can double-sided pages be scanned?

Yes. Document preparation steps are being developed for double-sided pages.

Can legal sized pages be scanned?

Yes. The YPPS supported Multi-Function Devices (MFD's) are able to scan double sided documents, 11x17 and 12 x 18. The recommended desktop scanners are able to scan double sided documents.

Will training be provided?

Absolutely!  The Document Management Program has designed training based on different department needs.

  1. FileNet Basic Training – To teach users how to scan / import documents, index the scanned or uploaded documents in FileNet, and search for documents in FileNet.  This course is required for all users with create, update, and view access.
  2. Document Search and View – To teach users how to search for day-forward and back file documents in FileNet.  This course is intended for users who will only have view access.

Click here to view training modules.

What do I need to know about Century Storage and Century Boxes?

How do I order more boxes to store papers at Century Storage?

Contact Rebecca Brandriff at the Shared Business Center (SBC) to request additional boxes from Century Storage. The requested boxes and accompanying labels will be delivered to your location.

How can I ship boxes containing physical documents that have already been scanned?

Contact Rebecca Brandriff at the Shared Business Center (SBC) to schedule a Century Storage pick-up. The boxes will be picked up directly at your location.

How do I obtain a paper copy from a box that I have stored at Century Storage?

Look in FileNet for the requested file's Century Storage box number. This Box Number was inputted into FileNet during the requested file's Classification step. After retrieving the Box Number, contact Rebecca Brandriff at the Shared Service Center (SBC). Century will deliver the requested Century Box to your location. When you are ready to ship the retrieved box back to Century Storage, contact Rebecca Brandriff at the SBC to schedule a Century pick-up.


Is it necessary to put a barcode coversheet on top of each page within a single document or can I just place the coversheet on top of each document?

Simply place your barcode coversheet on top of each document. The scanner will recognize the barcode and route the document to your inbox within FileNet.

What do I do if I selected the wrong department when I created my barcode coversheet?

If you created a barcode coversheet using the wrong department and used that coversheet to scan a document, FileNet will not allow you or anyone else, to view the scanned image because you do not have access to the department you incorrectly chose. Others do not have access to your NetId so the task will only appear in your inbox. To fix this problem, simply call the HelpDesk at 432-9000 and ask them to remove the task item. Rescan the document using the correct coversheet.

Can I make photocopies of the barcode coversheet?

Yes but only make copies from the original barcode coversheet that you printed from FileNet. If the copy you are using was photocopied from a coversheet that was previously photocopied, the scanner will not recognize the coversheet and will be unable to route the documents to your FileNet inbox.

Do I need to re-scan my documents if I don't see the scanned documents in my FileNet inbox?

Yes. Create a new barcode coversheet and use the new coversheet to re-scan. If you still do not see the scanned documents in your FileNet inbox, call the HelpDesk at 432-9000 to address the issue.

If I have a pile of 25 documents on my desk, can I scan them all at once?

Yes. Place your barcode coversheet on top of EACH document and then stack the documents one on top of the other. Scan the entire pile using the information provided in your training guides. The scanner will recognize each barcode as a document separator and route all 25 documents to your inbox within FileNet.

Does a Multi Functional Device (MFD) automatically scan double-sided documents?

No. By default, the MFD's have been configured to scan one-sided pages. Therefore, if your document contains information on both sides, you will need to change the setting on the MFD. Please refer to your training guide for specific instructions. As a courtesty to the next person that needs to use the MFD, select the Reset button on the MFD when you have finished scanning.

Should I continue to use pencil when making notes on documents that will be imaged?

No. Please refrain from using pencil because it is difficult to clearly see the writing once the document has been scanned. If you use pencil, you will have to adjust the scan density on the MFD each time you scan a document that contains pencil. To save time, you may want to use an erasable pen instead of a pencil.

Can the scanner or the FileNet system recognize if I have scanned a duplicate document?

No. The system is not intuitive enough to recognize duplicate images or indexing criteria.

I have a Multi Functional Device (MFD) that I would like to enable for use with the FileNet system. What do I do?

Retrieve the MFD identification number from the IKON sticker located on the front or top of the machine. The number is located just above the barcode and is not the information displayed on the Yale Printing & Publishing Services tag.

Then contact the Help Desk (432-9000) to let them know that you would like to have the device configured for use with the FileNet system and provide them with the MFD IKON Identification number. The HelpDesk will escalate your request to the appropriate person.