Yale Box Account Transfer Utility

Recent graduates are eligible to transition from a Yale Enterprise Box Account to a personal Box account with 50GB of storage space.  Converting your account is easy, and usually takes less than 5 minutes. Doing so ensures that you can continue to access your account once your e-mail account is deactivated.  Additionally, you can take advantage of your 50GB quota indefinitely (5x the standard quota).

Please note that you may not convert your account if you have any Yale University-owned confidential data of any kind, specifically:
* Social Security Numbers
* Personal data on patients, employees, or students
* University Financial Data
* Research data owned by Yale University, or any intellectual property that is not exclusively your own

If you are unsure if your account contains such data, please contact for further assistance.
To convert your account, please completely follow these instructionsWe recommend that you convert your account by October 15th.  Once you lose access to your Box @ Yale account, you will be unable to add an external email address to your Box account, which is an essential part of the conversion process.  (Note that this date is prior to your email account deactivation, which will be no earlier than June 1.)
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact