Box at Yale FAQ

Getting Started with Box at Yale

How do I get a Box at Yale account?

Box at Yale accounts are self-provisioning, meaning you don't have to sign up for one. As long as you are a current student, faculty, or staff member, and your primary email address ends in, you can go to and log in.

I created a account via the main Box website,, instead of signing in at What are my options?

If you have an existing personal Box account associated with your primary email account, please visit our web page detailing your account options.

Where can I learn how to use Box?

See Box's Getting Started Guide for New Users. It will explain all of Box's basic features, including uploading, syncing, and managing sharing & permissions.

How does Box at Yale compare to other Yale storage options?

ITS offers several file storage options, including options for collections of data that you and your colleagues use collaboratively. Please refer to the storage options web page for more information.

How does Box at Yale compare to other cloud-based storage options?

Please refer to the comparison web page for more information.



Can I use Box with sensitive data, such as HIPAA, FERPA or FISMA?

Box at Yale consists of two instances, or "enterprises": regular Box, and Secure BoxIf you handle any kind of 3-Lock Data, including HIPAA data, in your Box account, you must use our Secure Box instance.

Yale employees who are hired into a covered entity (List of Covered Departments) are automatically put into our Secure Box instance.

If you handle any kind of 3-Lock data in Box, and you are currently using regular Box, you should request to be moved to Secure Box. Please contact your IT support provider or the ITS Help Desk (203-432-9000, to request this.

How can I tell if I am using regular Box or Secure Box?

  1. Log in to
  2. Check the URL in your web browser's address bar. If it starts with, you are using regular Box; if it starts with, you are using Secure Box.

What are the differences between regular Box and Secure Box?

Secure Box is the same as regular Box, with the exception of the following security enhancements:

  1. Secure Box users can only Collaborate (in either direction) with Box users who have,, and addresses.
  2. When using Shared Links in Secure Box, the "People with the link" option is not available — the only available options are "People in your company" and "People in this folder". This means that a Shared Link can only be used to share an item with another Secure Box user. If you want to share an item with someone who has an,, or email address, but doesn't have a Secure Box account, you must use the Collaborate feature instead of the Shared Link feature.
  3. A Secure Box user can only use a limited number of devices to connect to their account – up to three computers running the Box Sync application, plus two phones and two tablets.
  4. Connections to a Secure Box account in a web browser will automatically log out after two hours of inactivity.
  5. In regular Box, an item that is deleted (either in the web interface, or, if you're using Box Sync, in the Box Sync folder on your computer) gets moved into your Box account's Trash folder. After 30 days in that folder, the item gets auto-deleted. In Secure Box, the item will remain in the Trash folder indefinitely. It can be moved out of the Trash folder, but it cannot be permanently deleted.


Configuring Box at Yale

How do I configure email notification settings for Box at Yale?

Box sends email notifications for actions made by your collaborators in folders you share. Visit the Box website for information on how to change your preferences.

How do I transfer ownership of a folder?

Data in Box is usually shared by using the Invite Collaborators feature. However, you may occasionally have a need to give someone else ownership of a folder. The person receiving ownership must be a Collaborator on the folder before you can make them the owner.  Only the current folder owner can change ownership of the folder. After making the change, you will remain a collaborator on the folder and should have the role of Editor.

  • Go to and login with your netID and password.
  • Click on the folder you whose ownership you want to give away.
  • Click on Folder Options and then Folder Properties.
  • Click on the Folder Collaborators tab.
  • Click on the current role of the user you want to give ownership to, change it to "Owner".
  • Click Okay.

How do I turn off automatic acceptance of invitations to collaborate?

By default, a Box account is set to automatically accept any invitation to collaborate. This includes invitations to become owner of a folder. A folder counts against the quota of the owner, so automatically accepting this invitation could allow someone to fill your quota by inviting you to be owner of a large folder.
To prevent collaboration invitations from being accepted automatically:

  • Go to and login with your Yale NetID and password
  • Click My Account at the top of the page
  • Select Account Settings from the drop down
  • Click the Content & Sharing tab
  • Find the Collaborating on Content section
  • Uncheck the box by Automatically accept incoming collaboration invitations


Moving from Dropbox or Google Apps to Box

How do I move from Dropbox to Box at Yale?

Box has published instructions on how to migrate from Dropbox to Box.

How do I move from Google Apps (EliApps) to Box at Yale?

Box has published instructions on how to migrate content from Google Apps to Box.



Can I access my Box at Yale account on the Y-NHH network?

No. Box at Yale is not accessible through the hospital network.

Does Box support version history?

Yes, up to 100 versions deep. See Box's version history support page for more information.

Can I recover deleted files?

Yes. Deleted files are kept in the Trash folder for 30 days, you have the ability to recover deleted files/folders from your account.

Can I get to Box at Yale files from home or from my mobile device?

Yes. This is one of the strengths of Box. It allows you to access your files from many different types of locations and devices

I'm a student, what happens to my files on Box at Yale when I graduate?

Upon graduation, you may request conversion of you Box At Yale account to a consumer Box account. This converted Box account will have a 50 GB quota, and will be free for life. Note that you have three months after Commencement to request this; after that, you will lose access to your Box At Yale account.

I'm a faculty member or employee, what happens to my files on Box at Yale if I leave Yale?

When you leave Yale, you will lose access to your Box At Yale account immediately. As a result, before you leave, you should review and deal with all of the data in your Box At Yale account. For example, you may wish to give the Owner role on all of your folders to your supervisor or co-workers.



What files can be accessed by Box Content Preview?

Box has an integrated file viewer that allows you to see a file in its entirety. Most common files are supported. Visit the Box support web page to learn more.

Are there plug-ins and apps available that I can use with my Box at Yale account?

Yes. Yale restricts the plug-ins and applications available, please visit the list of downloads available approved for use with Box at Yale.

How do I share my files?

There are two ways you may share files:

Send a link.

  • Links provide read-only access to the file.
  • Linked files can be previewed or downloaded.
  • Links can be forwarded or shared by the recipient.
  • A Box account is not needed to download or preview a link.

Invite a collaborator

  • Collaboration allows the following roles:
    • uploader
    • previewer
    • viewer
    • previewer uploader
    • viewer uploader
    • editor
    • co-owner
  • Collaboration permissions are assigned by role and managed by the file or folder owner.
  • People you collaborate with must have a Box account. Collaborators outside of Yale are not eligible for Box at Yale accounts but can use a free personal Box account available at

How do I share my folders or files with a non-Yale person?

If you are in regular Box, you may share files with people outside of Yale using either the "Invite Collaborators" function, or (for download-only access) the "Shared Link" feature. If you use the latter feature, please note that, when you see a drop-down menu reading "People in your company", you should change it to "People with the link" when sharing with people outside of Yale.

Collaborators outside of Yale are not eligible for Box at Yale accounts but can use a free personal Box account available at

If you are in Secure Box, you can only share with people whose email addresses end with,, or

Can I lock a file so others can't update it while I am working on it?

Yes (for files only, not for folders). Using a web browser, click the down-arrow next to the file you want to lock and select "Lock" from the options available. Remember to unlock it when you're done by following the same steps, choosing Unlock. Locked files have a locked icon displayed next to the document.


Where can I learn more about the Box Sync app?

See the Box Sync FAQ for the latest information.