Box at Yale Comparison

Below is a comparison of to similar cloud-based services. There are also differences between Personal Box Accounts and. Box at Yale Accounts listed below.

Drag and drop uploadsYesYesYesNo
File previewPDF, txt, html, and most image, video, Office formatsMost image and video formatsMost common file types; files over 25M cannot be previewedNo
File versioningYesYesYesYes
File searchYesYesYesNo
Full text searchYesNoNoNo
Restore deleted files/foldersYes, up to 30 days or 10 versionsYes, up to 30 daysYes, files in Trash, but not if permanently deleted5 versions
User chooses what folders to syncYesYes, configured in the sync clientYes, if desiredYes
Single Sign OnYesWith some paid accountsYesNo
Available space (per user)50G; only files you own count towards your quota (not ones that someones else owns but you have access to)2G; up to 18G with promotions5GB; Google Docs files do not count towards quota5G; up to 32G with promotions (referrals)
Download limitsnone10G/dayNonenot published
Edit file from the WebUI without downloading itYes, requires Box Edit (available for Mac and Windows)NoYes for Google Docs filesYes, requires a Java applet
Maximum filesize5G300M via web, unlimitied via desktop clientvaries: 10GB; except google docs files which have smaller limits2G
InteroperabilityMicrosoft Office, Outlook and Courier plugins; Web Documents, SimpleShareNo integration provided by DropboxCan export files to office, open office, pdf Microsoft Oulook
Mobile appsAndroid Phone, Android tablet, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, TouchPad, Windows PhoneAndroid, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhoneAndroid 2.1+; iOS 3.0+Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire, Symbian, Windows Phone
Mobile website
Desktop sync clientsWindows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) Mac OS (10.6, 10.7)Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS (10.4+) Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, source)Windows (XP, Vista, 7) Mac OS (10.6, 10.7)Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS (10.5+)
Unsupported filenamesFilenames containing \, /, *, ?, ", :, <, >, or | are not supported; Windows sync is  limited by the Windows maximum file length.Max length=260 characters; Files whose name contains the following characters are not supported: <, >, :, ", /, \, |, ?, *file characters appear in Google, but won't sync to local machineNot published
Unsupported filetypesMac "bundle" files1, Temporary files and folders (.tmp and files/folders starting with ~ character), System and hidden files, Windows shortcuts, Box WebDocs, Outlook PST files, QuickBook files, Google Docs/Spreadsheets Note: Hidden folders will be synced. Hidden files are not synced.desktop.ini, thumbs.db, .ds_store, icon\r, .dropbox, .dropbox.attrNone - Outlook .pst files,  Microsoft Money, Shortcuts, Alias files (Mac OS), Microsoft Office .tmp files, Active databases Also, The following folders cannot be sync'ed: Program directories (Windows) or t+G8he entire C: directory (Windows)
Custom URL for shared dataYesNoNoNo
Role-based sharing controlsYes Collaborators are assigned roles which enable or restrict functions (delete content, invite additional collaborators, etc)NoYes, Owners are able to determine what permissions are grantedYes, folders (only) can be read or read/add/edit
Shared folders and filesYes. Links are read-only Collaborators can editYesYesYes
User can change sharing permissionsYesUser can revoke a shared linkYesYes, folders (only) can be read or read/add/edit
User can password protect files/foldersYesNoNoNo
Approved for protected and regulated data. No NoNo No
Data encrypted at restYes, 256 bit AESYes, 256 bit AESNoYes, 128 bit AES
Security CertificationsSSAE 16 Type II, Safe Harbor, SAS 70 type IISafe Harbor only ("Dropbox does not currently have HIPAA, FERPA, SAS 70, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, or PCI certification") Not published
TLS (SSL) requiredYes, 256 bit SSLYes, 256 bit SSL Yes, SSL v3.3
 1 Support for bundle files is planned.   


 Personal Box.comBox at Yale
Quota5 GB50 GB
Max file size250 M5 GB
Secure transferYesYes
Data encryptedYesYes
Data backed-upYesYes
Mobile appsYesYes
Desktop appsYesYes
Fle previewYesYes
Password protect linksNoYes
Faster uploadsNoYes
Full text searchNoYes
Role based collaborationNoYes
Version historyNo10 revisions
Single sign on (CAS)NoYes
Contractual protectionsNoYes
Download statistics and trackingNoYes