NetID Password Locations

ITS recommends that you are on campus when changing your password, if possible.  Before changing your NetID password, follow the steps below that apply to you.  Otherwise, your account may become locked and you will not be able to access any Yale resources.

  1. Identify devices where your password is saved and know what devices that you are currently logged into, whether on campus or at home.
  2. If you use a smartphone or other mobile device, forget the YaleSecure wireless network.
  3. If you use multiple computers, log off of all of them except one.
  4. Save your work and close any open applications except your web browser.
Identify Devices Where Your Password is Saved

Before you change your NetID password, identify devices where your password is saved and the devices that you are currently logged into whether on campus or at home. Some devices may prompt you for your new password, while others will require you to manually change the saved password.

Please Note: Failure to update your password will cause your account to become temporarily locked; therefore you will not be able to access any Yale resources.

Home computers

ITS recommends that you wait until you are on campus before changing your password if possible.  For computers connected to Yale resources from off campus, you will need to save your work and turn them off prior to changing your password.  Common resources that can be connected to from off campus are email applications, connections to network file shares, VPN, and Box.   

If your computer is a Managed Workstation, (logs into the Yale domain), but is off the Yale network when you change your password, then you will NOT be able to use your new password until you log in using your old password. You will then need to connect to the network using Yale VPN and update your credentials following the steps:

Windows users:

  1. Press Ctrl, Alt, Del and choose Lock This Computer
  2. Press Ctrl, Alt, Del and choose Unlock This Computer
  3. Login with your NetID and new NetID password

Mac users:

  1. Establish the VPN connection
  2. Allow approximately one hour for the information to propagate through the keychain automatically.

Possible locations

Whether prompted or not, you will be required to update a stored password in the following locations for continued access (when applicable):

  • Smartphones used to check Yale email or calendar
  • Shared network drives that access Yale's network
  • Scripts, "jobs" or "services" that are scheduled to run such as backing up to an external drive

Other common locations where your Yale NetID and password may be stored:

  • Email clients
  • Yale wireless
  • Sharepoint (YaleShare)
  • Remote desktop
  • VPN
  • Web browsers
Mac Managed Workstations

If you have a Mac managed workstation, wait until you are on campus to change your password.  If you login to your Mac using your NetID and NetID password, it is likely a managed workstation. Be prepared to perform the follow steps after you change your NetID password:

  1. Log off your Mac and wait approximately 5 minutes for the update to propagate.
  2. Log back in using your new NetID password.
    • You may see a dialog asking you to enter the password for the “Keychain” login.
      • Enter your previous NetID password here, whatever it was before you changed it.
    • Or, you may see the dialog below:
      • Choose "Update Keychain Password"
      • You will be prompted to "enter the password for the keychain 'login'".
          • Enter your previous NetID password.

If that fails to resolve the problem, you can try changing your "login" keychain password using the Keychain Access utility, so that it matches your new NetID password.

  1. Log in and choose cancel from the keychain error dialog box.
  2. Go to /Applications/Utilities and launch "Keychain Access".
  3. In the upper left-hand corner of the Keychain Access window, select "login".
  4. Pull down the Edit menu and select "Change Password for Keychain "login..."
  5. In the Current Password field, enter your previous NetID password.
  6. In the New Password and Verify fields, enter your new NetID password.


Smartphones & Other Mobile Devices

Forget the YaleSecure wireless network:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open WiFi
  3. Tap the YaleSecure network
  4. Choose forget the network
  5. Connect to YaleSecure wireless network after your password has been changed
  6. Restart your device
  7. Open Settings
  8. Open WiFi
  9. Tap the YaleSecure network
  10. Enter your new NetID password once prompted
Network drives

If your computer is connected to shared network drives, your password may be stored and need to be changed.


If you use VPN off campus to connect to the Yale network, you will need to enter your new password in the VPN software the next time you use it. 

Remote desktop connection (RDC)

If you use Remote Desktop Connection, RDC, to connect to your Yale computer from home or another location, your password may be stored by the RDC software.  Your new password will need to be entered the next time you use it.