Secure Computing

Physical security for desktop computers

Desktop computers, monitors, printers, and external hard disks are vulnerable to theft, particularly in public or semi-public areas that can't be individually locked.

Cable locks

Computer cable locks are similar to a bicycle lock but manufactured specifically for computers. Simply secure the looped end to a fixed anchor nearby; then attach the cable's locking end to a special insert on your computer or to an adhesive mounting bracket securely fixed to the side of the computer to prevent someone from running off with your equipment.  Follow specific usage instructions included with your cable lock.  Computer cable locks are specifically made to be a deterrent to thieves.  Laptop computers as well as Desktop computers which contain electronic patient health information (ePHI) should always be secured with cable locks.

Passwords for information security & privacy

When you walk away from your computer you have no way of knowing who might have access to your professional and personal data, emails, and files.