Secure Computing

Secure File Sharing

Securely Share Files with Collaborators, Colleagues and Classmates

Sending and sharing documents.

ITS offers a number of facilities and services that enable secure collaboration and file transfers.

Due to the well-known security risks, ITS does NOT recommend that you routinely share files from your own computer with other computer users via the "File Sharing" options of the Macintosh or Windows operating systems. It is much more secure to leave the "File Sharing" option in your computer's operating system off and use the standard Yale collaboration and file storage facilities.

ITS File Transfer Facility

ITS File Transfer Facility allows you to securely send files, particularly files that are too large for email enclosure, in a secure system that encrypts your data in transit.

SharePoint collaboration

Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration tools allow groups of Yale faculty or staff to share documents, post messages, and facilitate group activities in a secure and private environment available only to members of the group.

Data encryption and secure email communications

Depending on the email system and mail program that you choose, it is possible to configure the mail program to use encryption systems like SSL/TSL to keep messages private and secure, particularly if the message goes to other Yale community members who use Yale's mail systems.