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Multifactor Authentication at Yale

Multifactor Authentication


Participation in the Yale community requires that you use Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to access key resources here at Yale. (see What is Yale's MFA policy?)

If you use any application that requires the Central Authentication Services (CAS) or Yale's Virtual Private Network (VPN), then you will need to know more about Multifactor Authentication or MFA


MFA adds a step to the log-in process you use to access some of Yale's networks and resources and requires a user to prove his or her identity after entering a NetID and password by responding to a prompt using a mobile device, landline, tablet or token.
A more complete description can be found in this short video

And also in this in this announcement from Richard D. Mikelinich, Yale's Chief Information Security Officer.

User reference for MFA

Your account at Duo Security, our MFA provider, is automatically created when your Yale affiliation is established.     Click any link below to open the corresponding document.