Remote Work: Students

Updated August 3, 2020 - 5:00 p.m.

The following tips, services, and support are available for students who will be attending Yale remotely. For students who will be attending in-person courses, please also refer to the COVID-19 Updates page.

To avoid phishing scams related to COVID-19 uncertainty, review guidance on how to recognize a phishing attack and report suspicious email messages.

Remote Learning

Frequently Used Services

EliApps Google Apps
Collaborate remotely via calendars, email, and Google Drive.

This service is only available while on campus.

Library Services
For updates about access to Library services, visit the Yale University Library website.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA-Duo)
Obtain off-campus access to Yale’s network and other resources, including Yale’s Central Authentication System (CAS). MFA-Duo reccomends using a registered mobile device to securely access Yale resources from home.

Software Library
Anyone in the Yale community with an active and valid NetID is eligible to search and download Yale software licences for use. Many offerings are free to members of the Yale community; others are priced as listed. Off-campus VPN is not required to access the library.

About the Software Library

Zoom Audio and Video Conferencing
Zoom allows you to host scheduled and on-demand audio and video conferences, at all hours of the day (24/7). Anyone in the Yale community can participate or host a Zoom meeting. Connect via the Zoom application.

Many online classes will be taught via Zoom and Canvas; your professor will provide you with instructions to join a class, but you need to download the Zoom application yourself.

Visit the Zoom Quick Guide for information on best practices, security features, and more.