Forms and Policies

Offsite ITS support

  1. ITS does not dispatch Support Providers to off-campus locations to install, configure, or work on users' home computers (even if they are Yale-owned).
  2. In cases of exceptional need (e.g. convalescence, or emergency), the support provide would need to have prior supervisor approval.
  3. ITS Support Providers normally do not work on non-Yale-Owned equipment on or off-site. Although, this may occur with the approval of the DSP's supervisor to meet exceptional needs for the use of a non-Yale-owned computer for Yale business.
  4. Academic ITS Support Providers will provide best-effort help to faculty on non-Yale-owned equipment when the following conditions are true: that approach has been elected by the cognizant departmental computing committee and the equipment is brought in to Yale and the request is to support Yale related work (typical example is to help a faculty member configure her personal machine for DSL or cable modem to access the Yale network).
  5. Any ITS employee who plans to engage in similar work outside of the employee's duties at Yale, should consult with the employee's supervisor to help identify any conflicts of interest. If conflicts exist and the employee and supervisor cannot agree on how to manage those conflicts, the employee may discuss the issue with the head of the unit and, ultimately, with the Office of the General Counsel.

This codification of existing ITS practice to be reviewed with ITS Support Providers upon hire and periodically thereafter.