Forms and Policies

NetIDs and Identity Management Policy

NetID's for Faculty, Students and Staff

All Yale University students, faculty and staff members are assigned a NetID. Your NetID is automatically assigned to you by Human Resources. Your NetID cannot be changed. Your Yale NetID and password act as your passport to the campus network and allows access to many University systems, such as:

  • Banner - Student Systems (addresses, holds, account balances, grades, and financial aid data)
  • Classes and Classesv2 servers
  • Remote access to the Yale network (VPN)
  • Yale's Email systems
  • Access to cluster PCs
  • Printing for computing clusters

NetID Eligibility for Others

Authorized personnel in each department handle account requests for faculty and staff. You must have an active HR record to have access.

Business office approval is required for: associate, casual, consultant, layoff, post doc associate, research affiliate, retiree, vendors, visitors or other special employees. Departments may include consultants or other non-paid staff by first entering them into the Human Resources system with an assignment of non-employee access.

NetIDs may be made available in other special circumstances upon application. Please see Procedure 1601 PR.02, NetIDs and Identity Management for more details.

Responsible NetIDs

Responsible NetIDs

Responsible NetIDs are used to support Yale business processes, departments and systems. They are created for department accounts, and for technical resources such as automated computer systems. Find Responsible NetIDs.

There has been a past practice of requesting the creation of responsible NetIDs for individuals who do work for Yale but are not paid through the payroll system. The same requests have also been received regarding causal employees. "Responsible NetID's" should not be requested, or created for these individuals.

Please see Procedure 1601 PR.02, NetIDs and Identity Management for more details.

Generic email accounts

A common reason for Responsible NetIDs is the need for a general departmental email account. These accounts must be assigned to a person with an active NetID and these accounts will be given a responsible NetID.

Generic Yale domain accounts

With the exception of service accounts ("bar" accounts), all accounts created in the Yale Windows domain must correspond to a valid NetID. This policy is based on security, audit and administration issues.

Managing Your NetID Password

Please visit the Passwords at Yale website to find out more information about activating and maintaining your NetID password. Check your NetID password

If you have changed your password and are now experiencing difficulties, see the NetID password FAQs.