Centers: Student Technology Collaborative

Student Developer & Mentorship Program

The Student Developer and Mentorship program (SDMP) provides Yale students with the opportunity to gain professional software development experience. Students work primarily in one of four technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript (Node.js and React), Android, and iOS. Oversight of projects and team is provided by a Yale ITS professional Software Engineer, Oren Kanner.

For more information, visit the SDMP site.

Current Projects

  • Vesta, a Ruby on Rails application to manage the undergraduate on-campus housing process

  • Campus Map, a Node.js map of the University

  • Yale Mobile (iOS, Android), the public-facing native mobile app

  • Reservations, a Ruby on Rails application used by many on-campus groups for equipment loan management

Working for SDMP

We offer students the opportunity to work in a professional software development environment. Student Developers work on teams, receive on-going mentorship, and get paid to work on software projects related to student life, academics, and other University needs.

Students become familiar and gain practical experience from:

If you’re a Yale student interested in working for SDMP, check out the STC Jobs Page.


Location: Basement of 143 Elm St (Temple St entrance).



Motivated by the strong interest among Yale students to build applications, the Student Developer Program was launched in the Fall of 2012. The program became part of ITS Campus Community Technologies (CCT) in 2014. The program has three core goals: provide practical software development experience that is not taught in the classroom, teach students the software development lifecycle, and engage Yale developer community. However, these goals are evolving to reflect SDMP’s commitment to providing clients with the most up to date technology.