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Graduating Students FAQ


This information is correct for the Class of 2016.  This page has been updated on June 7th, 2016.

After you graduate, many important changes happen to your accounts at Yale. This page explains what changes take place, and how you can prepare for them below. 


Email Account Deactivation

Whether your email account is deleted, modified, or remains the same depends on whether you are leaving Yale, or if you are enrolled as a student or hired as an employee with Yale after Graduation.

Graduates Leaving Yale

Graduating students who are leaving Yale will no longer have access to their email accounts. We strongly recommend that you begin migrating and using another email account as soon as possible after graduating. This means that you should start using new email accounts and should archive any important email or data you have stored on Yale servers.

If you have problems with this transition while you are still on campus, you can request help from STC.

Accounts for the Class of 2016 will be removed at 5:00 AM on Monday, June 1, 2017. All messages sent to your email account after this time will be bounced back to the sender. Email forwarding, email auto-reply, and any other services affiliated with your email account (Calendars, EliApps Drive, EliSites etc.) cease to function at that time, and related data will no longer be accessible.

Graduates Returning to Yale

If you're returning as a student or employee please see the table below for details on how your account will be migrated.

Please note: If you become employed with Yale by taking a summer job or other appointment with the University, you will be reclassified as an employee by Human Resources. Your account will be terminated 21 days after your job ends. A notification email will be sent to their account of record 14 days before that account is deactivated.

New Role Information

Student or Employee in any of the following Schools:

Drama, Law, Management, Medicine, Nursing, Forestry 

If you are properly enrolled or employed at the School of Drama, Law, Management, Medicine, Forestry, or Nursing you will receive a new email account on the YaleConnect email server. Messages sent to your alias will be directed to your new account. Switching to the YaleConnect email system will involve changing settings in your email program or accessing a different web mail or login server.


Note that your EliApps email account will be removed and thus stop working on October 1st. You must migrate your emails and start using a different account before that time.

other student or employee

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and other Yale professional schools make use of EliApps email accounts. If you are properly enrolled or employed at the University, your EliApps account will continue without interruption.


If you will be employed at Yale after graduation, you must have your department's business manager contact Client Accounts and arrange for proper billing of your email service. If this is done, there should be no interruption in service.


Email Forwarding and Auto-Reply

You can ease the transition away from your Yale email address by enabling email forwarding and/or auto-replies.

Email forwarding automatically redirects all messages sent to your Yale Account to another account. This can be used to make sure you don't miss mail sent to your Yale account during the transition period.

Auto-reply automatically sends a message to anyone who sends you an email. This feature can be used to inform people of your new email address.

Note: Both email forwarding and auto-reply will stop working when your account is deactivated on June 1, 2017.

More information...

AYA YaleMail: Lifelong Email 

The Association of Yale Alumni provides a YaleMail email account service. This service gives you a life-long email address ending in on the Google Apps for Education platform and includes many of the benefits of an EliApps account including unlimited Drive storage. 

At some point during the months of July - November of 2016 you will automatically receive an email inviting you to set up a free Yale Mail email account through the Association of Yale Alumni.

You will receive an email as soon as you can create your AYA YaleMail account, but there is no way to expedite this process to create the account sooner.  

For more information, please refer to the message sent to all graduates in June, or visit the AYA website for more information.

Note that YaleMail is operated entirely by the Association of Yale Alumni. Yale Information Technology Services does not have access to and cannot provide support for this service.

Archiving Your Email

Once your account is deactivated, you'll no longer have access to mail stored in your Yale account. We suggest you archive your mail before leaving campus so you can request assistance if needed. Please see the instructions below for the type of account you have.

To archive your email, ITS recommends following one of the methods here: to export any data you would like to keep from your EliApps account and import that data into your AYA YaleMail account or another email account from either Google or another email provider. You can use POP or takeout to download your mail but takeout is the recommended method for preserving or transferring your other EliApps data. 
For instructions on downloading your YaleConnect email see here: <>. You may also find the Google Outlook Migration tool useful for this step.


Software Library

Your access to the software library is determined by your student affiliation, which officially changes on June 1st, 2016. You will not be able to download student products such as Windows 10 or Microsoft Office after June 1st. Your access to other software library titles may vary depending on whether or not you are classified as a student employee. You should expect to lose access on June 1st if you have never had a student job while at Yale and sometime in August if you have ever been or are currently employed as a Yale student employee.

Yale Facebook (Yale College only)

Your access to Yale Facebook is determined by your listed affiliation with your residential college so you will lose access to that on or around July 1st.

You will lose the ability to login to your account after October 1st, 2016. Yale students are eligible to convert their 50GB accounts into personal accounts to keep for life. You must convert your account by October 1st, 2016. After that date, there is no way for ITS to transfer your account to a personal one.

If you are remaining at Yale as a student, faculty, or staff member, you do not need to do anything to retain your Box@Yale account and the standard email account deactivation date does not apply.


You will lose access to IPTV after June 1st, 2016. No action is required on your part and access cannot be extended unless you will be continuing as a Yale student, living on campus in the subsequent fall.

VPN and Library Resources through VPN

On October 1st, 2016, you will lose access to connect to the Yale VPN as well as the library resources such as Orbis, Jstor, and Pubmed etc. available through Yale’s network. Jstor access for alumni is available the AYA. VPN access extension can only be granted to individuals with an active affiliation with the university. If you are doing work that you believe requires extended VPN access please contact your department's business administrator or lead administrator about becoming listed as a sponsored identity. 


You will maintain access to SIS as long as you have access to your netid, CAS, and Multi-Factor Authentication. For questions about access to any specific item with SIS, such as transcripts, mailing address, diplomas, or commencement information, contact your school or department's registrar. 


Policy has not yet been established to determine if or when graduated students lose access to Multi-Factor Authentication through Yale's DUO service. 

Other Library Resources

You will lose access to checkout Bass Media Equipment on May 24th, 2016. If you will be temporarily employed by Yale or earning Yale course credits during Summer 2016, you may request a 90 day extension by emailing with your netID, summer affiliation, and end date.

You will lose standard library borrowing privileges and access to resources such as Orbis on May 31st, 2016. You may request, in person, a 90 day extension at the library services desk in Sterling Memorial Library. Alumni are also eligible for Alumni borrowing privileges for a fee. For information about other library resources see the Yale library website. 


You will lose access Workday some time in the Fall of 2016. You should plan on receiving your final W-2 tax form via mail. Please make sure your address in SIS and Workday itself are up to date as that is where your W-2 will be sent. 

Where to Get Help

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the ITS Helpdesk at (203) 432-9000 or email