Centers: Student Technology Collaborative

Initial Computer Setup


Yale Secure

The recommended wireless network for students, faculty and staff is YaleSecure. 

You will need your NetID and password in order to connect to YaleSecure. If you are having trouble connecting, visit and use the YaleSecure assistant. 

We recommend making YaleSecure the highest priority network so that your computer always uses YaleSecure when it can. 


Older computers may not be able to use the YaleSecure network and may need to use the wired network or the "yale wireless" network. 

In order to use Yale's wired network or the "yale wireless" wifi network, you will need to register your computer with Yale. Go to and click on "Register a device". 


Yale has a "Virtual Private Network" which simulates being on the Yale network on campus. This enables you to access Yale online resources while off campus.

Configure VPN by going to For more information, see the VPN page.

Data Backup and File Storage


Yale provides 50GB of online storage through Box. Students get to keep this account even after graduating.

It's recommended to use Box Sync to synchronize a folder on your computer to the web.

Access your files anytime at

External Hard Drive

We recommended purchasing an external hard drive and either using data backup software or manually saving your important files off of your computer. 

You can buy an external hard drive at the Yale Bookstore or online at various outlets. If you use your Yale email address at the Western Digital store, you can get Western Digital's education discounts. 

For OS X, Time Machine is the recommended data backup software to use.

For Windows, Backup and Restore is the recommended data backup software to use.



If the computer that you're setting up is owned by Yale, you may install IBM BigFix Protection on it. BigFix Protection is available for download from the Software Library

If the computer is not Yale-owned, please see our Antivirus service offering page for recommendations of third-party products that you can install.



BluePrint allows you to print from your computer to public printers all around campus.

First, you will need to install the BluePrint driver at

When you want to print, select the BluePrint printer. A pop-up will prompt you for your NetID. Then, visit a printer and release your print job from the print station. Use your NetID to login and it will find the documents you sent to BluePrint.  You can also upload a document directly via Web Print or manage your account online.

How do you print in general? Try these instructions.


Eliapps on Mobile Devices

The official Gmail app is recommended for students who want to access their EliApps mail on their mobile devices. Login with your Yale email address (don't enter your password) and it will prompt you to use your NetID to login.

You can also configure your phone's native mail client to work with EliApps.


To access your EliApps mail on your computer, visit and login with your NetID. You can also configure a desktop client such as Apple Mail or Thunderbird by following the instructions here. Don't forget to set an IMAP password if you want to use a desktop client. 


Yale has bought a lot of software for its students. Take advantage of them while you can!

Microsoft Agreement (Microsoft Office)

Yale has an agreement with Microsoft that gives free Microsoft software to students, including Microsoft Office. For details, see Microsoft License Agreements

Software Library

Yale has much more software available for students, available in the Software Library. A shortcut to get here is

Free software includes Matlab and Symantec Antivirus.