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Getting Help from the STC

STC Terms of Service

Who is eligible to receive personal computer service from Student Technology Collaborative?

Student Technology Collaborative provides support for personal computers and selected technology owned by:

  • Undergraduate students in Yale College
  • Graduate students in the following schools:
    • Architecture
    • Art
    • Divinity
    • Drama
    • Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), including Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS)
    • Forestry
    • Music
    • Sacred Music

For assistance with departmental and laboratory machines contact Faculty Support.

Professional school students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are not eligible for personal computer support from Student Technology, and should request help from the appropriate support department.

What technology does Student Technology support?

STC provides
general support for:
STC provides
limited support for:
STC does NOT support:
  • Computers (Desktop and notebook)
  • External Hard Drives and Storage Devices
  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows (all versions)
  • Printers and scanners
  • Wireless Routers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Music Players (e.g. iPod, Zune)
  • Linux operating systems
  • Network-capable gaming consoles (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation)
  • Smartphones (e.g. Blackberry, iPhone)
  • Televisions or cable
  • VHS or DVD players
  • Digital Video Recorders (e.g. Tivo), AppleTV
  • Microwaves, radios, or other household appliances

Where does STC provide support?

To consult with a Student Tech about a technology issue, visit the Technology Troubleshooting Office on the Lower Level of Bass Library, or call the TTO at (203) 432-5242.

See Technology Troubleshooting Office for more details.

In-Room, On Campus, 
In-room support is also provided for:
  • Yale Residential Colleges, Swing Space, and Old Campus
  • Hall of Graduate Studies, Helen Hadley Hall, and 254/276 Prospect Street

Who works for Student Technology Collaborative?

Student Technology Collaborative (STC) is composed of ITS staff and over 300 Student employees. STC provides, fixes, and advocates for technology used by Yale’s community to learn and succeed. STC is made up of four programs, the Student Techs, Media Techs, Public Computing Techs, and Student Developers. Each of these programs employ undergraduate and graduate students trained by Yale ITS to provide technical support for their fellow students.

Student Techs provide all services from basic troubleshooting to advanced hardware replacements. Some Student Techs are certified by Lenovo, Dell, or Apple to provide in-warranty system hardware support.

The Media Tech branch of the Student Technology Collaborative maintains and services media equipment throughout campus. They assist in operating the checkout programs at Bass Library, the CCAM, and the School of Art. Furthermore, the Media Techs staff audiovisual, walk-in centers at the School of Forestry, Law School, and 212 York. In addition, they run a graphic design service for the university at large. 

The Cluster Tech program provides staffing for the major public campus computer clusters within its Cluster Tech Program. In these locations, Cluster Techs provide basic support for the cluster machines and are available for general consultation. Additionally, STC provides regular maintenance for the computer clusters located in the Residential Colleges, Bass Library, Connecticut Hall, and Dunham Lab, among others.

The Student Developer and Mentorship program (SDMP) provides Yale students with the opportunity to gain professional software development experience. Students work primarily in one of four technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript (Node.js and React), Android, and iOS. Oversight of projects and team is provided by a Yale ITS professional Software Engineer, Oren Kanner.

When does STC provide support?

Student Technology Collaborative provides support throughout the academic year. Limited support is provided during the summer months, Spring Break, and Thanksgiving Recess. Support is not provided during the Winter Recess.

How quickly will my problem be solved?

Technology problems come in all shapes and sizes, from simple set-up questions to massive computer overhauls. The speed at which your request is resolved will depend on the nature of the problem. If the issue requires hardware replacements, the request may take several days, or more than a week if it is necessary to return your unit to the manufacturer for more specialized repair.

In general, the busiest times for support are during the start of term, midterms, and finals. Students are encouraged not to wait until these critical times to seek assistance with a preexistent problem. Cases during busy times of year will be proritized by the severity of the problem.

How much does STC charge for its services?

All Student Technology Collaborative services are provided free of charge. Please also note that STC employees are not permitted to accept gratuity for their work.

What are the STC policies regarding privacy and data recovery?

STC workers are instructed to take steps to protect the privacy of your data and passwords. Please avoid providing your password to an STC employee or any other individual. If you want one of STC's workers to have access to your computer, please either log in for them or temporarily clear or change your password.

If your case involves an operating system reinstallation, hard drive issue, or a severe virus infection, a data backup will be required. Due to limited resources, STC cannot guarantee that we will have space to backup all data from your hard drive. Students are encouraged to back up data to an external hard drive, or to recordable CDs and DVDS. Beginning this backup process before contacting STC will greatly increase the speed of case resolution.

Other General Policies and Etiquette

  • STC uses an online case tracking system to manage help requests. Please respect the time and privacy of our employees by using this system, rather than contacting via personal email or phone.
  • Troubleshooting technology is a difficult task, so we ask for your patience and courtesy when working with the Student Tech Program. Aggressive behavior and rude language towards Student Techs is unacceptable.
  • If you would like to provide feedback about your experience with Student Technology's services, we invite you to use the feedback form emailed to you when your help request is resolved.
  • You have the right to refuse STC service at any time. If you are uncomfortable with the actions taken by STC or want a Student Tech to leave your residence or cease working on your computer, please let them know and all requests will be honored.
  • Please remember at all times while using your computer at Yale to abide by all Yale ITS Policies, inlcuding the ITS Appropriate Use Policy. Additionally, please follow all Local, State, Federal and International laws, technology related or not.
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