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About the Yale Film Study Center

Our mission: Fostering a robust film culture at Yale through collection, preservation, access, and exhibition. 

The Yale Film Study Center, an Affiliate of the International Federation of Film Archives, traces its roots to film collections at Yale dating back to the 1960s, including the historic archives of a number of prominent film collections.

We have over 23,000 DVDs, 1,500 titles on Blu-ray, and 5,800 VHS tapes in our video collection; and over 5,000 35mm and 16mm prints in our film archive.

Also available for borrowing, or reading on the premises: more than 150 published screenplays.

Our collection development strategy is motivated by a desire to meet the teaching and learning needs of all Yale students and faculty working with film. We strive to expand and strengthen our robust general collection, which includes works across a wide range of genres and from over 150 countries, while also deepening the collection in key research areas in consultation with Yale faculty. We welcome acquisition requests and inquiries about ways the Film Study Center can support individual research interests. Decisions regarding acquisitions are based primarily on academic needs, with priority given to current-year courses and active research projects.

The Film Study Center has a seminar room (B-20, capacity 25) available for screenings and classroom instruction with a 90 inch monitor and a separate screen for 3D Blu-ray and 16mm projection; and a screening room (B-21, capacity 15) with a 75 inch monitor and 16mm projection. Both rooms accommodate DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, and Laserdisc.

We also have two flatbed film viewing facilities and twelve private video viewing booths for individual use. All worldwide media formats may be viewed. Two clip capture-enabled work stations are available by appointment for individual use by students and faculty for course-related projects. These are used to capture excerpts only.

There are two facilities on the Yale campus for projection of 35mm and 16mm prints. Both are managed by Classroom Technology & Event Services. The Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium, 53 Wall Street (capacity 240), features a 20 foot wide screen, and is capable of showing 35mm prints in Dolby Digital stereo surround sound, as well as 16mm prints and DCP. Room 106 at 212 York Street is a 55-seat classroom, featuring both film formats with Dolby Digital stereo sound capability for 35mm. Additionally, both facilities support screenings in a variety of digital media formats including Blu-ray. 

For information on other classrooms and screening facilities, including which rooms support which media, click here.

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