Centers: Film Study Center

The Yale Film Study Center, an Associate of the International Federation of Film Archives, is committed to fostering a robust film culture at Yale through collection, preservation, access, and exhibition. The collection includes more than 23,000 DVDs, 1,500 Blu-rays, and 5,800 VHS tapes. Our film archive contains more than 5,000 35mm and 16mm prints. We also have more than 150 published screenplays. Our facility includes two screening rooms (one equipped for 3D), twelve private video viewing booths, flatbed film viewing facilities, clip-capture stations, and a large study area. Visit us at 53 Wall Street.
Upcoming Events
Our Robert Frank Weekend includes two screenings: the documentary DON'T BLINK - ROBERT FRANK with director Laura Israel and journalist Nicholas Dawidoff in person (7:00pm Friday, April 14), and a 30th anniversary screening of Frank's CANDY MOUNTAN in 35mm (7:00pm Saturday, April 15), both at the Whitney Humanities Center (53 Wall Street). These screenings are free and always open to everyone. Visit our Events page to learn more.
Recent Acquisitions
Browse the recent acquisitions lists, and learn about using our DVD, Blu-ray and VHS collection for on-site viewing or off-site loans. We have over 31,000 items from 158 countries, spanning the history of film, from BILLY'S ROSE (1888) and MONKEYSHINES, NO. 1 (1889) to SPOTLIGHT (2015) and MOONLIGHT (2016).