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ITS Help Desk

While 66% of faculty and staff reported contacting the ITS Help Desk, 72% of students had never contacted the Help Desk (see below) and 72% had never used the support services provided by the Student Technology Collaborative (STC). To better advertise these services, ITS Help & Support Centers are developing a marketing strategy to reach out to the community.

An average of 74% of those who use the Help Desk considered it to be “essential” or “very important.” Therefore, we have planned many changes to improve our ITS Help Desk. We received many requests to extend our hours and we plan to review our options and offer extended support and on-call service. Some respondents reported they were not always sure who they should contact about a specific problem. We are also compiling a list of all the services we support and as well as appropriate contact information, and we plan to publicize this more broadly. We encourage you to visit our Help & Support page on the ITS Website, or call the ITS Help Desk at any time by dialing (203) 432-9000 (2-9000 on campus). Anyone may call the ITS Help Desk.

Many respondents had positive things to say about the ITS Help Desk staff and services, mentioning that they have seen an improvement in the service they receive from the Help Desk. However, ITS also received comments from respondents suggesting that we hire more staff to keep up with the demand. We also found that we are not providing enough support for Mac users. We have set a goal to have all current and future personnel trained in Mac support.

Finally, in order to continue to be aware of the needs of the community, we are now conducting brief customer satisfaction surveys after delivery of ITS services. Please take a moment to complete these brief surveys following the completion of your interaction with the ITS Help Desk.

For more information, please the ITS Help Desk web page.