About ITS

Film Study Center

Although 80% of survey respondents were pleased with the Film Study Center, we are committed to improving the Center as much as possible. We have closely reviewed the comments we received and have developed specific plans to provide better service.

Only 11% of respondents reported using the Film Study Center, and many individuals reported that they were unaware of the services offered. In an effort to increase awareness about what we do and to better inform the Yale community we serve, we have initiated a Facebook and Twitter presence, have made significant outreach to Departments and Programs, and, since Summer 2014, have conducted a monthly "Treasures from the Yale Film Archive" series that promotes us to the Yale community.

We received comments about inconsistency and lack of information. We have done a major overhaul of our website, adding an "Events" section, and clarifying three other major areas: our acquisitions policies, our other areas of Curricular Support, and the processes of arranging Film Screenings, whether at the Film Study Center or elsewhere on campus. We continually upgrade our website.

Some respondents expressed frustration with late fees and renewals. We have lowered the late fee from $5/day to $3/day. While we are unable to extend the checkout period, we introduced a    an email notifications system in Spring 2014 that notifies individuals ahead of time when it is time to renew their films. This has VERY significantly reduced our late returns (and our late fees). 


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