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ITS Website

17% of respondents reported that they never have used it. For those that do use the website, approximately half reported they felt the website was easy to use. Despite these statisticts, respondents felt the ITS website had improved from last year. We will continue to make changes to improve satisfaction and increase use of the website.

In an effort to improve the ease-of-use of the ITS Website, we will be looking for opportunities to streamline navigation in order to create an improved user experience. We also plann to add subcategory descriptions and links to category pages before the end of 2013. 

We also planning to create a better directory of services on our Services page. This will include A-Z listings of all services as well as categorical listings. 

In addition, a few respondents felt the how-to pages are not helpful. Many said that there are old tutorials and outdated, contradictory information. We plan to go through these pages to check for clarity and accuracy. In particular, VPN pages were reported to have understandability issues. We will update and clarifiy this page. 

Likewise, with the new website implementation, some people reported that old links were broken or links directed to pages that no longer exist. We will review these pages and plan to have fixed all links before the end of the 2013

Lastly, some users felt that the integration between the ITS website and the Film Study Center's site was sloppy and confusing. We are consulting with the Film Study Center to discuss the feasability of bringing their site over to Drupal in order to create a more homogeneous experience