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Qualtrics Survey Tool

Though only 1 in10 respondents reported using Qualtrics, Yale ITS is committed to serving all users as best we can. With more than half of Qualtrics users reporting that the service is essential or very important to them, we want to improve it as much as we possibly can. We took a close look at the comments and carefully analyzed the specific problems.

Many people indicated that they did not know that Qualitrics was an available service, and those who did know did not feel that they knew how to properly use it. We plan to offer webinars or on-campus tutorials so we can increase the understanding of this service. Some people also asked whether Qualtrics has an option to send out a reminder email to those who have yet to complete the survey. (It is possible to send a reminder email. Instructions are available on the Qualtrics University how-to page.)

Aa number of respondents reported that they did not know whom to contact in order to get help with the Qualtrics Survey Tool. We are creating a pipeline with the Yale ITS helpdesk in order to get the community the proper support. In the future, we hope that users with questions will contact the Help Desk, and the Help Desk will direct them to the appropriate Qualitrics support.

For more information about the Qualtrics Survey tool, click here.