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2015 Compared to 2013


There were 29 questions from the 2013 survey that were repeated in 2015. These questions either used the same exact wording in both years or the wording was close enough to compare the results. Of those, about half moved statistically significantly - some higher and some lower. 

The most statistically significant positive change in ratings was for "Ease of finding what you need in digitized materials from Yale's libraries and museums." The change in ratings from 2013 to 2015 was +0.34. 

The most statistically significant negative change in ratings was for "Yale Connect spam-filtering." The change in ratings from 2013 to 2015 was -0.25.


There were a number of service areas that were generally asked about in 2013 that were asked about in greater detail in 2015. Due to the difference of the wording of the general questions and specific questions, it is difficult to conclude whether the change in ratings was significant because of the 2 year time difference between the surveys or the different way the questions were asked. Therefore, the following changes are only possible changes. The graphs below show the possible changes between a few of the statistically significant data. The 2015 result on the graphs below is the average of all the questions that pertained to the topic.