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2015 Yale Technology Survey

In 2015, ITS hired MOR Associates, an external consulting firm with expertise in survey collection and analysis for higher education IT. 2015 complete analysis and is available in the final report. All reports below and in subsequent pages are adapted from the final report produced by MOR Associates.

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All faculty, staff, and students were invited to participate. The initial sample size was more than 6,000 faculty, staff, and students, as well as the entire populations of individuals in School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, School of Law, School of Management, and the School of Public Health.  The Yale Technology Survey questions sought to understand the usage of, significance of, and satisfaction with the services we offer. We had a response rate of 42%, a significant jump from the 19% response rate received in 2013. Below, you can see the response rate and the number of responses from the catagories of faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students. 

Response Rate


When reviewing the results of the survey, a few things should be taken into consideration:

  1. A majority of the questions of the survey had answers according to the five-point satisfaction scale, where "Very Dissatisfied" had a value of 1 and "Very Satisfied" had a value of 5.
  2. No questions were required.
  3. Some questions were specific to the respondent’s affiliation with Yale – staff may have been prompted to answer questions that students did not, while students may have answered questions that did not appear on the faculty and staff survey.
  4. For certain services, only respondents from specific departments and divisions were asked for a response.

As a result, sample sizes vary greatly throughout the survey. 


For a quick glance at the results, we suggest viewing the summary of the greatest areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and 2015 Comparisons to 2013.

Overall, 74% of respondents were satisfied with Yale ITS. We highly value everyone's opinion and strive to bring Yale faculty, staff, and students world-class technology services. 

Thank you to all those who took the time to respond. We look forward to serving the entire Yale community, and to hearing what the community thinks of the improvements we will be making.

Download Complete 2015 Report


Susan West, Associate Director, Office of the CIO