About ITS

Service Metrics

The Metrics and Quality Assurance (MQAD) team collects and reports on IT Service metrics to help managers better serve the Yale Community. The reports below highlight key service performance indicators for ITS community satisfaction, core processes (Incidents, Service Requests, Changes and Problems) and Foundational services.


Community Satisfaction and Core Processes

Community Satisfaction

ITS measures Community Satisfaction through two biennial technology surveys that are sent to all Yale community members served by ITS.  In addition to these surveys, community satisfaction is also continually monitored through the use of a Point of Delivery (POD) Survey that is sent to each person whenever an IT-related incident is resolved by an ITS service provider.  ITS is committed to maintain at least a 90% level of community satisfaction across all of its services.

Yale Technology Survey (2013)

Incident Point of Delivery (POD) Survey


An Incident is defined as any event which is not part of the standard operation of Services and which causes, or may cause, an interruption or a reduction of service.


Change is the addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on a service, including Configuration Items, processes and documentation. A  Planned Change has been planned for and is submitted prior to lead time criteria for the applicable change type (minor, significant, major or standard). An Urgent Unplanned Change is a change that does not require emergency change handling, however it has been submitted within the lead time criteria for the applicable change type. An Urgent Emergency Change is a change that requires immediate escalation and approvals, often as a result of an incident during business hours. A Latent Change has already been executed, either as a result of an emergency or to record the details of an unauthorized change.


Problem is the cause of one or more incidents. The cause is not usually known at the time a problem record is created and the problem management process is responsible for determination of the root cause and resolution of the problem.

Service Request

Service Request is a request from a client for something to be provided such as information, advice, a standard change, or access to a service.

Foundational Services

Email and Calendaring

Email & Calendaring include metrics for the performance of all of the major email and calendaring systems in use at the University.

ITS Spam Filtering

ITS Spam Filtering is an anti-spam service that acts as a gatekeeper for Yale's email servers.

Yale Network Connectivity

Yale Network Connectivity provides access to a variety of computing and information services. Additionally, ITS researches, documents and implements different secure connection strategies including, traditional Ethernet jacks, wireless connections, remote access, VPN and much more.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service used to securely access a remote network.  Yale VPN allows eligible individuals to access Yale resources from a non-Yale internet source as if they were directly connected to the campus network.

Website and Publishing Services

Website and Publishing Services include resources to assist with designing and maintaining personal sites to large-scale redesign projects. Provides support of several web publishing options for faculty, staff and students interested in website development. 

Cellular Service

Although Yale ITS does not provide Cellular Service (e.g. 3G & 4G) on campus, ITS does monitor satisfaction with cellular carriers' coverage on campus.

ITS Backup Services

ITS Backup Services includes Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and provides clients with the ability to automatically or manually backup critical files and directories to the backup system.

Audio-Visual (AV) Services

Audio-Visual (AV) Services include projectors, laptop computers and video or computer displays that are used in classrooms or for meetings.

Web, Video and Audio Conferencing Services

Web, Video and Audio Conferencing Services are provided by Campus Technology Services (CTS) and include all video conferencing and international audio conferencing equipment and facilities.

Yale Cable TV/Tivli

Yale Cable TV/Tivli provides access to Comcast cable television services for educational and entertainment value.  A basic set of broadcast, cable, and Yale-originated channels is included as part of the room charge.

ITS Support Center

The ITS Support Center is the single point of contact for interactions between ITS and the Yale Community.