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In accordance with Yale President Peter Salovey’s pledge and assurances for a "greener Yale," and in conjunction with the Office of Sustainability’s Overall Strategic Plan, Yale Information Technology Services is fully committed to green IT.

ITS has been effectively reducing hardware and energy consumption, consolidating data center operations, increasing the use of server virtualization, minimizing the use of paper, and implementing many other green initiatives that are detailed within the ITS Sustainability Plan.

Past, present, and future plans and efforts have already contributed significantly to the reduction of Yale’s carbon footprint and are positioned to generate even greater optimization of Yale’s sustainable IT going forward.


  • ITS is committed to introduce, develop and promote  "Green IT" at Yale whereby:
  • increasing sustainability of Yale technology products and services while maintaining or reducing actual costs of those products and services,
  • increasing awareness of Yale Faculty, Staff and Students and that of the local community to IT Sustainability best practices, and
  • providing leadership in IT Sustainability to Higher Education nationally.


  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement: Vendor Management, in conjunction with Procurement, will establish and commit to sourcing and purchasing practices which meet industry standard sustainability guidelines.
  • Computers, Monitors, Printers and Mobile Devices: Establish policies and guidelines for equipment procurement and recycling process to adhere to Yale’s Sustainable Procurement Standards. Reduce unit power consumption for equipment while maintaining or increasing equipment capability.  Improve reporting on energy usage by component areas (desktops, notebooks, monitors, and mobile devices
  • Data Center and Network Management: Establish and implement Data Center and Network Management strategies that reduce facility needs and energy consumption.  Accelerate virtualization of physical servers.  Identify servers to decommission or consolidate.
  • Workplace Management: Establish innovative working environments and practices for ITS employees to achieve efficient use of resources by decreasing square footage per person, power usage and fuel consumption.
  • Organizational Development, Change Management and Awareness: Establish a culture of Green IT at Yale through active promotion of IT sustainability within ITS roles and subsequently with our supported Faculty, Staff and Students.

Current Initiatives


BluePrint/PaperCut, a software solution for tracking, monitoring, and charging for network and student printing, provides print cost savings and paper waste reduction by offering secure print release capability. Secure print release protects sensitive information by alerting the person printing to be at the printer when the job is released.

BluePrint/PaperCut was implemented by Yale ITS and is managed by Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS). It is used in all locations at Yale University. A full list of BluePrint/PaperCut printers can be found here, on the YPPS site.

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