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Report an Incident

Report an information or network security incident to information.security@yale.edu.

Report lost or stolen electronic media or a computing device:

To report lost or stolen electronic media or a computing device please see our lost or stolen electronic media or computing device information.


Paul Rivers
Chief Information Security Officer
Email: paul.rivers@yale.edu
Phone: (203)436-5872

Tom Castiello
Compliance Officer
Email: thomas.castiello@yale.edu 
Phone: (203) 737.1450

Joe Chirayil
Information Security Analyst 
Email: joseph.chirayil@yale.edu 
Phone: (203) 436.5948

Michael Cicarella
Information Security Analyst 
Email: michael.cicarella@yale.edu

John Coleman
Cyber Forensic Analyst
Email:  john.coleman@yale.edu

Kay Davis
Associate Director of Security Operations
Email: kay.davis@yale.edu

Mike DiMaggio
Associate Director of Policy and Compliance
Email: michael.dimaggio@yale.edu
Phone: (203) 436.4874

John Guidone
Information Security Analyst 
Email: john.guidone@yale.edu 
Phone: (203) 623.4010

Jim Hunter
Information Security Analyst 
Email: james.hunter@yale.edu 
Phone: (203) 436.0519

John Lee
Compliance Officer
Email:  john.lee@yale.edu

H. Morrow Long
Principal Security Officer
Email: morrow.long@yale.edu
Phone: (203) 785.2066

Paul Varsanik
Information Security Analyst
Email: paul.varsanik@yale.edu
Phone: (203) 737.1638

Jessica Zaczek
Compliance Officer
Email: jessica.zaczek@yale.edu
Phone: (203) 436-8839