About ITS

Groups Within ITS

The organizational structure of Yale ITS consists of seven top-level groups and the organizational units that comprise them. 

University Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Associate Vice President

John Barden is Yale University's Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer. ITS is led by the IT Senior Leadership Team consisting of the University CIO and ITS Leadership. 

Business Systems Group

The Business Systems Group is led by Associate CIO Marc Ulan, and is responsible for providing technology solutions that meet the administrative needs of the University. Services include application strategy and roadmap, as well as implementation, and sustainability of solutions that support the strategic goals of Yale University's Human Resources, Faculty Administrative Services, Finance, Business Operations, Procurement, Shared Services, and Grants and Contracts Financial Administration. BSG supports a wide variety of applications that address the broad needs of our clients such as Oracle Enterprise Business Suite, Faculty Information System, Business Management System, Comprehensive Rate System, Effort Reporting System, Expense Management System, SciQuest, Yale Budgeting Tool, and Hyperion Strategic Finance.

Campus Community Technologies 

The Campus Community Technologies team is led by Associate CIO Jane Livingston. Campus Community Technologies is responsible for enterprise services that meet the needs of academic and administrative units of the University. We offer application development, business process analysis, application architecture and roadmapping, as well as full support for solutions for student information systems, teaching and learning systems, facilities and public safety systems, interactive design, digital asset, content and document management as well as system integration services across all University entities.  CCT also manages IT-wide service management, the Salesforce center of excellence and User Experience, Design and Accessibility Services.

Our mission is to provide the Yale community with solid, integrated, discoverable, and reusable online services and environments, taking advantage of emerging technologies to shape and enhance the experience of those who interact or transact with Yale online.  

Campus Technology Services 

Campus Technology Services is led by Interim Associate CIO John Pagliuca. The group is a Tier 1 support organization focused on interacting with ITS clients on a daily basis. It is the first point of contact for many commodity IT services, and its emphasis is on enhancing the productivity of its customers by providing service as quickly as possible. One of the group's primary objectives is improving customer satisfaction with world-class experiences.

Finance and Business Administration

The department of Finance and Business Administration within ITS is led by Mark Manton, Director and Lead Administrator. The goal of this group is to provide services which lead and support the short, medium and long-term efficiency and effectiveness of the ITS organization. The department manages strategic and tactical items related to fiscal administration, business operations, vendor management, sustainability of IT, portfolio management, governance, talent management, and strategic initiatives advancing the profile of technology on and off campus. The group also works closely with Yale Health and the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health to identify current and emerging IT needs, help formulate solutions, and assist in the ongoing delivery of services from ITS and other providers. 

Information Security, Policy, and Compliance

The Information Security group focuses on day-to-day security operations, network monitoring, system compliance and the protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Yale Information Assets.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services is led by Associate CIO Vijay Menta and provides a variety of technology services used across the university. Services include data and voice networks, cellular, smart and desk phone service, data center services, virtual servers, tiered storage and backup, database administration, enterprise web infrastructure, and system and application support. The group is also responsible for the governance and leadership of the University's technology strategy and enterprise architecture practice, designating the use of information technology across the University and reflecting a shared view of how information technology does and will align and contribute to University success. 

Research Technologies

Research Technologies is led by Senior Director Kiran Keshav. Research Technologies supports the Yale Center for Research Computing, which seeks to investigate the technological needs of the research community across a variety of disciplines, deliver technological services in key areas such as high performance computing and data management, foster an interdisciplinary environment between researchers and industry to facilitate collaboration across data intensive fields and the exchange of best practices across disciplines, and enable research groups to be more competitive when seeking external funding.