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What Is Innovation?


What Is Innovation?

Innovation can be defined as the process of implementing new ideas to create value for an organization. This may mean creating a new service, system, or process, or enhancing existing ones. Innovation can also take the form of discontinuing an inefficient or out-of-date service, system, or process. In ITS, our innovation efforts specifically are focused on working toward the seven FY14 Critical Goals.

Innovation Process Definitions

Accepted IdeaAn idea that has passed through the Refinement period in IdeaScale that Leadership has tentatively approved, pending feasibilty analysis and other considerations. A Champion determines when an idea is mature enough for an initial review by Leadership. The idea status is "In Review."
Approved Idea An idea that has been designated feasible and has been given a green light by Leadership. The idea status is "In Progress."
IdeaIn the context of the Innovation in ITS, an idea is any thought regarding improving information technology at Yale and helping ITS attain its seven FY14 Critical Goals. Possibilities include, but are not limited to, adding or improving existing services; streamlining business processes; discontinuing inefficient or outdated services; and making physical changes to our work environment.
Idea OwnerIn the Implementation phase of the Innovation Process, the Idea Owner is responsible for shepherding an idea through the approval and implementation phases after the idea has been accepted by Leadership. Responsibilities include reviewing the feasibility of the idea, changing the Idea Status in IdeaScale, and communicating regularly with the Champion and Users.
Idea StatusStatuses in IdeaScale indicate where the idea is in the Innovation Process. Possible statuses are "Active," "In Review," "In Progress," "Completed," "Declined." See the FAQs for descriptions of the statuses.
IdeaScaleThe cloud-based, social-media-inspired innovation tool in which Users post ideas and vote and comment on others' ideas. Users also can check on the status of an idea in IdeaScale.
InnovationThe process of implementing new ideas to create value for an organization. See Idea, above.
Innovation Alignment TeamA group of ITS staff members who are responsible for advocating and facilitating the innovation process, and working with Leadership and Champions to create a culture that encourages and nutures the development of new ideas. The team consists of three core members and five rotational members.
Innovation ChampionDesignated ITS staff members in specific subject matter areas who play an integral role in the Innovation Process. Duties include moderating ideas, categorizing or recatagorizing ideas, updating statuses, and communicating with users.
Innovation ProcessSteps that take an idea submitted to IdeaScale through development, feasibility assessment, and approvals. Created by Yale ITS, the process is designed to ensure no idea of value to the organization gets lost or overlooked. The process is divided into seven phases. For a more detailed look, view the Innovation Process flowchart.
LeadershipThe ITS Leadership Team. The group has two main responsibilities in the Innovation Process: 1) to accept for review ideas escalated by Champions, and 2) working with Idea Owners, to approve ideas after a feasibility assessment.
User ITS staff, IT Partners, and other members of the Yale community actively participating in Innovation efforts.